Brutus V9 – Electric Cruiser With Tradition Like No Other

Brutus V9
Brutus V9 – Image by Brutus

Brutus V9 is the ultimate retro cruiser design. It has great range, real power and a great appeal.

This beefy V9 is all electric, and it’s not the first great design by Brutus Motorcycles. The Brutus V9 offers performance and acceleration that brings it right to the front line of cruisers. Today we want to go behind this great design, fast, strong and fun Brutus V9.

Brutus Motorcycles has some of the most traditional extravagant designs, that despite being traditional keep pushing the edges of what tradition really is. The Brutus V9 is a real old fashion look, that got a new age makeover. With the chassis wrapping over the sides, with the front cruiser windshield and the dual headlights, all the way back to custom fitted side bags, it screams retro and old school. The design for some of the parts on the bike simulate the looks of an ICE bike, with exhaust like pipes and cooling.

The Brutus V9 has a top speed of 115 mph (184kmh), with a battery pack of up to 18.8 kWh or even up to 33.7 kWh options. It runs on a AC35 motor with 125hp, that juices 128Nm of torque. This is power all over, and thanks to a special gearbox designs by Brutus they achieve great power outputs with excellent power utilization.

This is a cruiser that excels at range. With reported range span of anywhere from 130 miles and even as far as 250 miles at lower speeds (200- 400Km). Though the range was not officially reported by Brutus, our review of test drives performed on the model confirm these ranges are possible. That’s an amazing range that gives it a real edge for long hauls.

The Brutus V9 is fitted for comfort and riding with fun. This start with great suspension choices, for 32mm 4 Piston fixed suspension in the front and dual shocks at the back. It has all you would expect from a cruiser riding position, seat position, and actually even the saddle itself looks like an old school, comfy ride.

The Brutus V9 price is not stated on Brutus motorcycles website, but with a simple research we found it to be priced, starting from, $32,500 which is not your average pricing for these type of specifications. We still can appreciate that a masterpiece with such features, unique design and engineering behind it, could be priced like that and remain a very appealing bike to any rider.

Brutus V9
Brutus V9 – Image by Brutus

Via: Brutus Motorcycles

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