Davinci Motor DC100 Presented To EICMA

Davinci Motor DC100

Unveiled just over a year ago, Davinci Motor present the sportive DC100 at EICMA.

Davinci Motor present the sportive DC100 at EICMA, and the sport bike took great attention, as it aims to further market exposure and reach.

Davinci Motor, the China based company, that has operated under-the-radar over 7 years ahead of launching the DC100 electric café racer about a year ago. The company worked together with the technology institute of Tsinghua University in China to develop the motorcycle from scratch.

We previously covered the two variations of the DC100 and DC Classic café racer, sportive and powerful electric motorcycles, aiming at the top bracket of performance.

The design of the DC100 comes with two variations, either a full fairing style, or a naked style named DC Classic. This electric sportbike runs on a huge hub motor, with the rear wheel suspended on a single sided swingarm. A fully enclosed bodywork done on a CNC custom composite shell body.

The DC100, A high powered performance electric bike will try to rival 1000cc class bikes, and to achieve that the DC100 has a peak power of 100kW and 137HP, pushing 850Nm of torque.

The range, which is NEDC rated mileage at 250 mile (400 Km), is quite impressive, and with a top speed of 125mph (200km/h) and 0-60mph in under 4 seconds it really packs a powerful punch. The battery specifications were not revealed, but charging time should take about 30 minutes, with 0-80% in about 15 minutes.

The part on the DC Classic is a minimalistic design of the DC100, removing all the fairings encasing the body and making it limited to only 50 units worldwide. The DC Classic also uses top notch parts all around, from Öhlins Dyneema front suspension with Carbon Fiber Sleeve, to custom Öhlins rear suspension and Brembo GP4 caliper front brake on forged aluminum wheels.

Source: EICMA

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