Okinawa Oki100 is coming to India in 2021.

Okinawa scooters announce their plan to launch the Oki100 motorcycle early next year.

The first time the Oki100 was introduced was at the Auto Expo 2020, where Okinawa received a lot of attention for their move to a motorcycle model. The announcement shows that Okinawa plans to fully launch this model as early as March 2021 (but possibly later in the first half), and will be an A1 license, or 125cc – 150cc equivalent.

Okinawa Autotech is a 100% Indian electric two wheeler manufacturing company. Established in 2015 with a mission to create two wheeler that for a sustainable future, this is the company’s first 2 wheeler that is not a scooter. And while their scooter models are quite successful in India, this naked style motorcycle was received by auto fans with great enthusiasm.

image by Okinawa

The Okinawa Oki100 was not fully unveiled with specs, but here’s what we know so far: The bike will use a mid mounted motor, 2.5kW and belt drive, with a claimed range of 95 miles (150 km) and changing time of 2 hours. It will be using a swappable batteries, and should be a main competitor for the Revolt RV400.

And even though these are the only details revealed so far, we also got a price tag already. The Oki100 will cost $1,350 (From Rs.100,000).

Source: Okinawa, Bikedekho, Financialexpress.

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