Okinawa update the Oki100 Teaser ahead of the official launch

India based manufacturer Okinawa updates the Oki100 Teaser ahead of its launch expected in April

Okinawa has updated their official teaser for the Oki100 electric motorcycle. The launch is expected sometime during April, and we have previously covered some of the main features revealed so far on this mini-motorcycle. While not a full size cruiser or sport bike, the Oki100 does have great power and good speed, so let’s go ahead and see what to expect.

Okinawa Autotech is a 100% Indian electric two wheeler manufacturing company. Established in 2015 with a mission to create two wheeler that for a sustainable future, this is the company’s first 2 wheeler that is not a scooter. And while their scooter models are quite successful in India, this naked style motorcycle was received by auto fans with great enthusiasm.

The Oki100 runs on a mid mounted motor, 2.5kW with belt drive. The claimed range of 95 miles (150 km) makes it a great option for city rides and commuting. The battery will be swappable, and with a charging time of 2 hours. The Oki100 should be a main competitor for the Revolt RV400.

The top speed is expected to be over 60 mph (95 km/h) and the battery is estimated to be a pack of 3.2kWh up to maybe 4.5kWh. But again the full specs remain to be revealed when Okinawa officially launch.

Okinawa Oki100
Okinawa Oki100 electric motorcycle

We also got a price tag estimate from local market watchers. The Oki100 will cost roughly $1,350 (From Rs.100,000).

India’s motorcycle market is booming, and with the great option of cleaner energy, better efficiency and cost – more player in the space offer more and more competitive models. The Oki100 stands to compete with the likes of CSC City Slicker, another mini electric bike, as well as full sized ones like the Kridn by One-Electric, the Evolt Hawk and the Revolt we mentioned above.

Source: Okinawa

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