One Electric Kridn Is A Promising Rise In India – Electric Motorcycle Review

One Electric Kridn 
Electric motorcycle
One Electric Kridn – Image by One Electric

The Kridn model by One Electric will soon be offered for test drives, let’s review what we know so far.

One Electric India has officially launched their Kridn model, that offers India’s riders a fast and powerful electric motorcycle. It has a nice top speed, and decent range. The design style resembles a scrambler motorcycle, dual seat and faux gas-tank, giving it a very traditional look. It will also be quite a competitive bike coming in at a great price of only $1733 USD, or about 1.29 RS lakh.

One Electric has set their mission to use India proven technology to assemble their Kridn motorcycle. The design came out great, as they used telescopic hydraulic front suspensions, and hydraulic rear spring suspensions, with a great look. The faux gas tank and battery casing are neatly configured into a traditional looking bike.

To create an electric transport revolution. We aim to do this by using the highest quality components from India which have a proven track record in the tough Indian environment. Extensive R&D in battery, motor and controller technology combined with actual on-road trails is enabling us to build the perfect electric motorcycle for city commute

One Electric

The Kridn by One Electric runs on a hub motor, but with that, using a motor that peaks at 5.5kW to get a powerful pull and speed. In fact, this motor can push a great torque output of 160Nm. The bike carries a top speed of about 59 mph (95kmh), and does have a decent 70 miles (110 km) of range. Although when going into faster speed, and less Eco driving, that range will reduce to about 50 miles (80km).

The specs on the Kridn makes it a good commuting bike, and it seems that’s where One Electric where aiming to get. A speedy motorcycle, that will give riders more exhilaration with their rides, allow power and agility while still giving them the range they want to get around. Charging time for the battery is not mentioned yet, but being a 3kWh battery pack, that should not be a detail that might impact the overall value of the Kridn. Being one of the affordable options in its bracket of competitors will definitely make this a popular bike among India’s riders.

Via: One Electric, India Times

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