Kids, Start Your Electric Motors! KTM’s ‘Race Injected’ Electric Balance Bike Are Here

KTM balance bikes

KTM 12eDrive and 16eDrive electric balance bikes are out

As the electric 2-wheeler space gets heated up, KTM is joining more and more brands that are offering youth riders an entry-level electric bike. The new 2022 style of KTM’s balance bikes hit the mark. Juniors can advance their riding skills and develop their confidence with the simplicity of the KTM 12eDRIVE and 16eDRIVE electric balance bikes.

KTM already offer young riders the SX-E 5, with a 5kW peak powered – an innovative electric motocross that can ‘grow’ with a child. But before you let your young rider hop on it, they will benefit from refining their skills on a lower powered balance bike. This is where the KTM eDrive balance bike comes in.

The KTM 12eDRIVE is a great starter bike for children. With 12” wheels, pneumatic tires, and a 33 cm seat height, it allows riders to learn and develop skills with confidence before moving up a level to the next level with the KTM SX-E 5. The 12eDrive weighs less than 8kg, running on an aluminum frame and BMX style forks.

The KTM 16eDRIVE is fit for slightly taller riders or kids with more experience and confidence that feel ready for a higher seat. The bike has a high-output motor with slightly more power than its smaller brother on 12” wheels. Fitted with 16” wheels and an increased 43cm seat height.

They provide hours of fun and help gain hand-eye coordination skills through with hours of outdoor exercise thanks to their quick charging battery (4 Ah 20V) allowing roughly 30 – 60 minutes of riding time. Throttles provide kids with a sense of a real bike. 

The new KTM will also allow 3 riding modes: Training mode will reach a top speed of 5mph (8km/h), Transitional mode up to ~7mph (11km/h) and Advanced mode up to ~9mph (14km/h).

Both the KTM 12eDRIVE and the KTM 16eDRIVE are lightweight, portable, robust, intuitive and race-styled, and they are the perfect appetizers before stepping up to the KTM SX-E 5.

In addition to the bikes, KTM’s 2022 PowerWear catalog offers a range of branded products for your youth. The STATUS helmet made especially for KTM electric balance bike riders by eyewear and bicycle helmet specialists. The American company’s STRATA goggles with anti-fog and anti-scratch lens, two-layer fleece-foam and a silicone strap for better helmet grip. Lastly, GRAVITY-FX EDRIVE shirt using the same material and fabric as their motocross idols.


  • Sturdy, lightweight aluminum frame – easy for children to pick up & handle
  • Three progressive power modes – first experience of powered speed
  • Thermally protected 20V battery – 30-60 mins run time & 45-60 mins charging time
  • 33cm & 43 cm seat heights
  • Steel, BMX-style forks, BMX-styled chain & freewheel
  • Throttle with ride mode display & battery level
  • Race aesthetic with tapered footrests and ergonomics
  • Exclusive KTM PowerWear items

KTM 12eDRIVE and 16eDRIVE electric balance bikes with the latest graphics are available from January in North America and will later become available in European, Australian, and other markets starting March 2022.

Check them out here: 12eDrive | 16eDrive

Source: KTM

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