CAKE Åik: The Ultimate Utility E-Bike for Professionals Unveiled At CES

CAKE’s Åik platform is a utility e-bike within the professional :work series, with great range, power, and versatility for any job at hand.

Kids, Start Your Electric Motors! KTM’s ‘Race Injected’ Electric Balance Bike Are Here

KTM 12eDrive and 16eDrive electric balance bikes are out

Hot Wheels and Super73 Unveils the SUPER73-RX E-bike

The Hot Wheels x SUPER73-RX, street-legal electric motorbike, Immediately becoming collectible, selling out on all the planned 24 units.

TM Racing Unveiled First Electric E-bike Together With Their 2022 Line of Models

The Italian TM Racing, specializing in off road and racing, unveiled a first electric E-bike.