CAKE Åik: The Ultimate Utility E-Bike for Professionals Unveiled At CES


CAKE’s Åik platform is a utility e-bike within the professional :work series, with great range, power, and versatility for any job at hand.

CAKE, the Swedish manufacturer of premium lightweight electric motorcycles, has announced the launch of its newest platform, the CAKE Åik, at CES. The Åik is a utility e-bike within the professional “work series” that is designed for working professionals who rely on two-wheeled transportation for their livelihood or demanding lifestyle requirements.

The CAKE Åik boasts an impressive range and power, with a range of up to 224 miles and a gross vehicle weight of 200 kg. Unlike traditional e-bikes, the Åik is not just a utility tool but a transportation solution that does not require any special license to operate.

This allows users to access networks of bike lanes and paths that are typically off-limits to motorcycles and cars. It is also easier to find a spot to park a bicycle than a motor vehicle.

CAKE continues to revolutionize the world of electric two-wheeled transportation with their customizable platforms. They have been pushing the boundaries of what is possible with their award-winning models, such as the Ösa, and Kalk. Makka moped And now, with the addition of the to Åik their lineup, the possibilities are endless.

The CAKE Åik is designed around a modular aluminum frame which allows customers to outfit the Åik with various types of racks, bags, trailers, baskets, passenger seats, and more to suit the job at hand. This makes it a versatile option for businesses in need of a transportation solution.

CAKE’s founder and CEO, Stefan Ytterborn, stated, “With Åik joining the :work series lineup, we’re now offering a complete assortment of electric two-wheeled solutions for any business in need of a transportation solution. Our range is optimized for artisanal needs, from the fastest deliveries in town through to surveillance work in the backcountry.”

The Åik is expected to hit showrooms in the near future, with pricing yet to be announced.

Source: CAKE

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