Caofen F80 Electric Enduro Model Will Be Introduces In France

Caofen F80

The Caofen F80 is a lightweight, go-anywhere enduro bike, with all around capabilities.

Caofen announced its plans of entering the European market in the fall of 2021, with the F80 electric dual-sport as their natural choice to be the first to market, for its all-terrain capabilities and stylish design. 

The Chinese electric motorcycle manufacturer will now, with the 2022 riding season in full swing, enter the French market through Jonway France, a local distributor of electric 2-wheelers.

The Caofen F80 is styled and designed for athletic enduro and off-road. This motorcycle combines a rigid, one-piece frame with a large,  2.3kWh (70V 30 Ah) Li-ion battery packed into a magnesium casing.

Performance-wise, the Caofen F80 has a mid-mounted motor with a nominal power output of 4 kW. Peak power output of 8 kW can push a top speed of 52mph (85 km/h), but the restricted version of the bike, dubbed F80-C1, puts the limit at a speed of 28 mph (45 km/h). 

Weighing in at a curb weight of just 165 lbs. (75 kg), the Caofen F80 is extremely lightweight, and will surely be fun to ride on or off-road. A long-travel suspension system consists of a front inverted fork and rear monoshock with preload adjustment. Ground clearance is 265mm and suspension travel is 200mm thanks to the setup.

Caofen also claims a range of 68 miles (110 km) on a single charge of the F80 but at an average speed of 19 mph, as usual, not your average or regular speed of riding. At maximum performance, your range will drop to 34 miles (55 km) as you increase speed. 

The company also claims that a full charge of the F80’s battery pack can be completed in just over 2 hours. This greatly indicates the advancement in battery tech, as just a few years ago, charging times declared by Caofen were nearly twice as long. 

And even though this is a Chinese made electric motorcycle, the F80 comes in at a slightly higher price bracket compared to other manufacturers in China. The F80-C1 carries a price tag of 5,590 Euros, or roughly equivalent of (approx.) $5,975 USD, while the F80-C3 is just a bit more expensive with a price of 5,890 Euros, or $6,295 USD. 

Source: Caofen

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