SOL Motors Opens Pocket-Rocket for pre-order

SOL Motors Pocket-Rocket

The minimalistic Rocket Pocket from SOL Motors Germany is now opened for per-orders.

SOL Motors, the Stuttgart, Germany based company opens pre-orders for their Pocket-Rocket electric motorcycle. The company, who’s name represents “Speed Of Light” (SOL) Motors, stands for fast, agile and climate-friendly transportation.

A ride suitable for both urban environment and countryside, the Pocket Rockets is considered by SOL to be “the naked bike” that carries everything neatly hidden in the V-frame. The removable battery, controls and headlights are integrated into the frame leaving a clean style of design.

The Rocket-Pocket will come in two variants, standard or S model, for L1e and L3e license classes. The Rocket Pocket runs on a brushless hub motor, with 3kW nominal and 5kW peak power, which the Pocket Rocket S gets extended power of 4kW nominal to 6.5 kW peak. The two models will run up to 120 or 180 Nm of torque respectively.

Weighing only 121 lbs. (55kg), it is a lightweight in its class. This provides more range and a speed of up to 80 km/h for the S model, or up to 45km/h for the standard Pocket-Rocket.

The aluminum design reduces the shape and silhouette maximally and makes for an eye-catching statement in the urban space. The Pocket Rocket combines the best of a bicycle and a motorbike.

SOL Motors Pocket-Rocket

Both models will carry a 58V battery, with total capacity of 2.5KWh. That powered the Pocket Rocket to a range of 50-80 km for a fully charged pack.

Charging time starts at 2 hours on fast chargers, and up to 5 hours on a standard socket charge. The battery is elegantly hidden in the frame, and gives the bike great esthetics, and even the rear lights are completely integrated into the frame, completing the stylish minimalistic look.

SOL Motors equipped the Rocket Pocket with hydraulic front wheel damping and hydraulic-adjustable rear shocks absorber. Hydraulic disc brakes were fitted for both front and rear wheels.

Brake energy regen is also available on the Rocket Pocket, feeding back to the battery, increasing the range. The 16-inch wheels provide maximum stability and agility as well as a long service life. The bike runs on 16-inch wheels, aluminum cast, for speedy riding and agile moves.

The standard model Rocket Pocket will cost € 5980, and the Pocket Rocket S € 6,980.

The pre-orders will be available in 12 countries across the European Union: Germany, Belgium, Denmark, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, Spain, Austria.

SOL Motors Pocket-Rocket

The Pocket Rocket from SOL Motors opens a new category in the electric two-wheeler segment. A lightweight bike made of aluminum, with tremendous power delivery, radical design and practical connectivity.

The Pocket Rocket brings a slick minimalistic design, with a combination of bicycle and motorbike features. With pre-orders requiring only a € 500 deposit, the company also plans to open additional financing options in 2022.

Source: SOL Motors

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