RGNT No.1 Retro Motorcycle Opens For Orders

The Swedish, stylish, retro RGNT No.1 electric motorcycle officially open orders online and through local dealers.

The RGNT No.1 is all about bringing together classical motorcycle style with new technology. This combination of old and new brought to you by the Swedish company is now opening orders online and through local dealers across Europe.

With the company initially opening pre-orders targeting first deliveries in 2021, and despite some delays, RGNT now fully and officially launching their orders for both local dealers and online.

Announced as Generation 1.5, the No.1 is now carrying some improvements along side the official order launch. These include improved suspensions, brakes, CBS system, 2 riding modes and higher motor efficiency which increased the range.

The RGNT No.1 is a real retro looking, part naked, part scrambler bike. It encapsulates old-school style with electric technology and handcraft in one motorcycle, and the result of this Swedish engineering is amazing, especially if you like classic looks.

It carries a decent sized motor, and comes at a mid bracket price. With the Classic variant at €12,495 and The Scrambler priced at €13,495.

The RGNT No.1 uses a rear hub motor with 15 kW (20hp) peak power and 9kW (12hp) nominal. With the curb weight of 363lbs (165kg), it reaches a top speed of 75mph (120km/h). This represents an increase of 13% in efficiency, allowing an increase in range by another 10 miles from the previous version. It’s motor power puts it at A1 license level for Europe.

The battery pack holds 7.7kWh, 72V 80Ah, and now allows a riding range of about 70 miles (110 km) or as much as 100 miles (160km) in city riding. Charging time will take 3 hours from 20-80%, or 8 hours from 0 – 100%.

With every part and accessory on the RGNT carefully selected, the No.1 now uses a 35mm Ceriani replica, for front suspension. Rear suspension is 340 mm eye to eye, adjustable spring pre-load. Rear and front wheel run on Excel takasago, Avon Roadrider tires, both chromed steel rim.

for the brake systems RGNT is also new, with J.Juan CBS Brake System for both wheels, 300 mm front and 220 mm floating Disc, 5 mm thickness stainless steel. Both brakes, front and rear, will be operated by hand levers.

The digital 7″ LCD touch display board, Cloud connectivity and GPS-Ready makes the RGNT No.1 a “connected bike” with all the relevant features we are now used to seeing for electric motorcycles..

RGNT really brings attention to detail and appealing style, that are set to attract riders that love the classy looks, and still wish to move forward to a cleaner and more efficient way to ride.

In our bikes we combine our love of the freedom of the road and the roam, with the inevitably necessary change to a more sustainable way of living. Ride clean. Ride in style. 100% electric.

Source: RGNT Motorcycles

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