Kawasaki Teases Upcoming Electric Model Expected To Be A Balance Bike

Kawasaki drops a video teaser of an upcoming electric model balance bike expected to be named Elektrode.

Kawasaki dropped teasers for its first electric two-wheeler on social media and on their website, with an announcement release date of June 7. The short teaser shows images of a young rider on the dirt course, with the simple tagline: “The Good Times are electric.” for what is expected to be named Kawasaki Electrode, an electric balance bike.

The new electric model will be part of a larger launch event by Kawasaki, that will include several side-by-sides and ATVs, with possibly more electric models. Just last year, Kawasaki announced a plans to release 10 electric or hybrid motorcycles by 2035 and additional models of 4-wheelers by 2025. The June 7 announcement will be the first of the company’s electric plan execution.

Even though the company has patented hybrid systems for motorcycles in the recent year, as well as trademarked the name E-boost, it seems that their first electric model will be an all-electric one. The adult riders will apparently have to wait for an electric or even hybrid model, while your young riders can soon have some all-electric fun, on a Kawasaki.

With just a few details in the teaser, a report by MCN uncovered a test page by the company, that has since been taken off, showing the new item on the menu for the Kawasaki Elektrode balance bike.

Just by the name itself, it would be quite safe to say that the Elektrode will be an all-electric bike, especially since it will be a youth bike, that can enjoy all the benefits of electric power.

Kawasaki electric,
Kawasaki electrode
image by MCN

The bike’s image is labeled as a “For Placement Only” (FPO), so this is just a placeholder for the actual bike image to come. But other than that, we will have to wait for more details, coming in just a few more weeks. Stay tuned.

Source: Kawasaki USA, MCN

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