Energica Eva Ribelle: Revolutionizing the Super Hooligan Series with Electric Power

Electric streetfighter makes history in Super Hooligan National Championship, showcasing Energica’s expertise in motorcycle racing technology.

Modena-based motorcycle manufacturer Energica is set to make history once again by introducing their streetfighter model, the Energica Eva Ribelle, to the Super Hooligan National Championship with MotoAmerica.

This marks the first time that an electric motorcycle brand will compete full time in a motorcycle racing series against more conventional, internal-combustion-engine counterparts. Tytlers Cycle Racing, one of the emerging teams in the MotoAmerica series, will be fielding the Eva Ribelle with Colombian rider Stefano Mesa #137 at the helm.

Energica has established a notable presence in the racing world as the exclusive manufacturer and supplier to the MotoE electric motorcycle racing series. Having concluded this role after the 2022 season, the company has gained significant experience in Emoto racing and has continuously optimized their electric motorcycle to achieve unparalleled performance. Now they plan to bring their experience to the Super Hooligan series.

The racing season will start on March 9-11 at the iconic Daytona International Speedway, which is famous for its long and high banking. This presents a new challenge for electric motorcycles, as they strive to prove their capabilities on a track typically reserved for gasoline-powered vehicles.

The series will run as part of the famous MotoAmerica Championship, consisting of four rounds and eight individual races. The other events will be held at The Ridge (June 23-25), Laguna Seca (July 7-9), and COTA (September 8-10).

Energica has already made a name for itself in the world of motorcycle racing, having spent four years as the sole manufacturer in the FIM Enel MotoE World Cup. With their latest venture, the brand aims to demonstrate the power and potential of electric motorcycles, as well as pave the way for greater innovation in the industry.

Energica’s electric motorcycles have been made in Italy’s Motor Valley since 2014, and they are available for purchase at 135 dealers and importers around the world. Since April 2022, the company has been a part of Ideanomics, a global group that aims to accelerate the commercial adoption of electric vehicles.

Tytlers Cycle Racing, based in Wisconsin, is a rising star in the MotoAmerica series. In their debut season last year, the team claimed the STK1000 title, and they have also achieved multiple podium finishes in the Superbike class. Now, with the Energica Eva Ribelle, they are poised to take on new challenges and demonstrate their skills and adaptability on the track.

Energica electric motorcycle

The Energica Eva Ribelle is a streetfighter model with a range of up to 249 miles and a top speed of 124 mph. It features an advanced power unit that delivers a maximum power output of 107 kW and a torque of 215 Nm, allowing for quick acceleration and impressive performance. The bike also boasts a number of cutting-edge features, including a high-performance braking system, Ohlins suspension, and Pirelli tires.

The introduction of the Energica Eva Ribelle to the Super Hooligan National Championship marks a significant milestone in the evolution of electric motorcycles. With this move, Energica is not only demonstrating their commitment to innovation and progress, but they are also helping to shape the future of the motorcycle racing industry.

As electric vehicles become increasingly popular and prevalent, it is exciting to see how they will continue to influence and impact the world of motorsports.

Source: Energica

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