Ultraviolette Unveils F99 Racing Platform At Auto Expo 2023

Ultraviolette F99

Introducing the Latest Addition to Ultraviolette’s Line-Up: The F99 Racing Platform

Indian electric mobility start-up Ultraviolette has made a big impression in the e-motorcycle world with its sleek and performance-oriented F77 roadster. The company is continuing to generate buzz with its latest unveiling at the Auto Expo in Greater Noida, India – the Ultraviolette F99 Racing Platform.

Inspired by the F77, the track-focused Ultraviolette F99 boasts a 120V powertrain, which is a significant upgrade from the F77’s 60V system. The result is a 65 horsepower machine that can reach top speeds of 200 km/h (124 mph). Ultraviolette has added aerodynamic winglets and a faceplate to increase wind-splitting efficiency, and has employed a rear aerodisk wheel to reduce drag.

The F99 has an aggressive riding stance, with the option for customization through adjustable foot pegs. Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa slicks provide all the grip needed on the track, while a four-pot ByBre caliper and a single-piston binder handle the braking. Despite its racing capabilities, the F99 also has two-channel ABS for safety.

To save weight, Ultraviolette has used carbon fiber bodywork and a slimmer saddle in the single-seat configuration. The company has also confirmed plans to start a race series in the near future.

“The world of racing is extremely challenging and leads to innovation,”

“We are confident that the innovation emerging from the F99 Factory Racing Platform will make its way to the public in the future.”

Ultraviolette CEO Narayan Subramaniam.

Source: Ultraviolette, Ultraviolette Twitter

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