Volcon ePowersports Hits Funding Milestone Totaling $17.5M, To Expand Production Lines for the Grunt and Runt

Volcos hit funding milestone of $17.5M, that will be used to meet demand for production, engineering and staff, as well as double the production lines in Austin, Texas, to build the Volcon Grunt and Runt.

Volcon, The Austin Texas based start-up, raises a total of $17.5 million in funding within first year of operation. The funding will help expand production lines, staff and supply chain to meet high demand. The milestone shows

Volcon ePowersports offer the Grunt electric offraod motorcycle, which had high demand since its announcement. With 50hp, and a top speed of 60mph (97kmh) in 6 seconds. With a range of 100 miles, and 102Nm of torque, it’s a powerful ride. The charging time is only 2 hours on a standard socket, and you can swap batteries too. That makes it a very attractive and cool ride.

The Grunt has an awesome younger version, a youth bike sibling named Runt. This great little model makes it a family fun vehicle addition. The Runt has a lower top speed of 35 mph, and torque at 60Nm. It weight 180 lbs. (81kg) and seat height of 27 inch (68cm). Both are available for pre order as a pair or a single bike – the Grunt priced at (only) $5,995 and the Runt will cost a total $2995 US.

In addition to the Grunt and Runt, Volcon will begin delivery of the four-wheeled “Stag” and “Beast” UTV models in 2022 into 2023, respectively.

Just recently the company also announced their expansion into the Latin American market with its partnership with Accelera International. This boosted demand and confirmed the market desire for their offroad products. As part of the cooperation, Accelera International has begun reach out and sales in Mexico, South America, and the Caribbean for distribution of Volcon products.

“Volcon is disrupting the powersports industry with their one of a kind, fully electric off-road trail bikes and their upcoming 4-wheel electric vehicle line-up.

The future of powersports is undoubtedly electric and we believe that Volcon is the company that will lead this charge. We are incredibly excited to partner with Volcon in introducing the most advanced off-road electric vehicles to South America and the Caribbean.”

Cristian Liani, Accelera’s Sales Director

“In my 30 years working in the powersports industry, I’ve never seen this much excitement surrounding the launch of a new product,”

“The momentum grows as we add key leadership appointments, such as Greg Endo as our new CFO, receive new investment and prepare to deliver the first Grunts and Runts with demand well beyond our initial forecasts. This new injection of capital will accelerate our growth even more and help ensure we satisfy customer demand.”

Andrew Leisner, Chief Executive Officer of Volcon.

Greg Endo, joining as CFO, was also announced as key team member during a time when first products are coming to market. Greg brings more than 26 years of experience, and prior to Volcon he was an audit and advisory partner with Deloitte & Touche LLP, advising clients in manufacturing, technology and real estate industries. Mr. Endo will oversee Volcon’s accounting, finance and strategic partners.

“I can’t imagine a more exciting time to join Volcon. Volcon is leading the way into a more sustainable future for outdoor adventure and Andy and his team are significantly transforming the way people experience the outdoors. I’m delighted to be a part of it.”

Greg Endo , Volcon CFO

Source: Volcon

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