US based Volcon Ships First Orders of the Grunt

Volcon Ships First Orders

Volcon Ships First Orders of the Groundbreaking Grunt

Volcon, celebrates the first customer shipments of their inaugural product, the Grunt off-road motorcycle. The US, Texas based start-up reaches the milestone of deliveries after just announcing their intent to produce the first products about a year ago.

From their factory facilities near Austin, Texas, shipments have now started to carry out delivery of Grunt models throughout the United States and Latin America, to fulfill the pre-orders.

The Austin based start-up, raised a total of $17.5 million in funding a few months back. The funding was put to great use, and helped expand production lines, staff and supply chain to meet demand.

After Volcon’s expansion into the Latin American market with its partnership with Accelera International. As part of the cooperation, Accelera International has begun reach out and sales in Mexico, South America, and the Caribbean for distribution of Volcon products.

Volcon ePowersports offer the Grunt electric off-raod motorcycle, which enjoyed great demand since its announcement. With 50hp, and a top speed of 60mph (97kmh) in 6 seconds. With a range of 75 miles, and 102Nm of torque, it’s a powerful ride. The charging time is only 2 hours on a standard socket, and you can swap batteries too. That makes it a very attractive and cool ride.

Range measurements calculated on Explorer riding mode, the more economic driving mode, with a dual pack battery 2X 2.3kWh, a decent cruising range for exploring off-road.

Volcon Ships First Orders,
Volcon Grunt, Volcon Runt

The Grunt has an awesome youth bike model called Runt. This cool little model makes it a family fun off-road addition. The Runt has a lower top speed of 35 mph, and torque at 60Nm. It has a curb weight of 180 lbs. (81kg) and seat height of 27 inch (68cm).

“The entire team has worked exceptionally hard to bring the Grunt to market, spending nights and weekends devoted to delivering on a very demanding manufacturing timeline. I want to thank the entire team, from our engineers and technicians to our office staff, designers, and factory teams, for all their hard work. I’m humbled to be a part of this outstanding team and the work they’re doing,”

Jordan Davis, Chief Executive Officer of Volcon.

Now the company begins delivering their first bikes, with both models still available for order as a pair or a single bike – the Grunt priced at $7995 and the Runt will set you back a total $2995 US. This comes after the first orders and early adopters enjoyed a hefty discount, which even without, the Grunt carries great value for money at its current pricing.


The Grunt, Volcon’s first two-wheeled, all-electric, off-road motorcycle, is the perfect for outdoor adventure and exploration. Carrying fat-tires, and absolutely none of the mandatory street legal components – the Grunt was made for pure off-roading fun.

“There’s no doubt in our minds that our customers are going to love the Grunt when it arrives at their doorstep. We look forward to being a part of their journey from petrol power to electrification as they enjoy their bikes for years to come.” 

Jordan Davis, Chief Executive Officer of Volcon.

The Grunt is meant to be an easy-to-ride, low seated bike, suitable for all-terrain and designed for agility and utility. The seat height stands at 32 inches only, and a low-slung center of gravity, the Grunt is accessible to anyone who has ridden two wheels, with no motorcycle experience required to enjoy.

Nonetheless, it does carry some decent power, and can get you through mud and difficult terrains easily and with a smooth riding experience. Whether used for work or play, the Volcon Grunt offers powerful torque and decent range of 75 miles on the dual pack.

Volcon still has future plans for their four-wheeled, side-by-side Stag and Beast UTV models, expected to come in the second half of 2022 and late 2023, respectively.

Source: Volcon

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