WMC 250EV Hits The Asphalt For Testing Ahead of World Record Attempt

The 250EV by WMC, gets his first testing rounds with 170 mph runs with less than half power.

WMC, White Motorcycle Concepts, have hit the asphalt for testing runs of the 250EV. The extreme machine built to compete for a world record run, that uses an aerodynamic concept combined with electric power.

Now reaching the important milestone of testing their concept motorcycle for the first time, the results looks promising, with runs of 170 mph at less than half power, but the team knows the have plenty of optimization for the road ahead.

The team at White Motorcycle Concepts will aim to break the existing electric land speed records in the UK and Bolivia during 2021 and 2022. While the current record is held by the Voxan Wattman Motorcycle, and rider Max Biaggi, and stands at 228.05 MPH.

WMC also aims to find ways to transfer the innovations found on the WMC250EV project to be adopted by the wider mass-market for electric motorcycles. With the unique aerodynamic design, using an all wheel drive, with four electric motors total, 2 powering the rear wheel and front hub with 2 motors. A total of 134 HP and 100kW, and a first electric 2-wheel drive used on a sport motorcycle.

WMC is a UK based company with 22 years experience in high level motorsport. Founded by Robert White, the company aims to be a brand new organization dedicated to improving the efficiency of motorcycles.

They received early recognition by The Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC) and quickly established partnerships for innovative design, drive technology, battery power, and component manufacturing. It was WMC’s ingenuity that led to the creation of this aerodynamic motorcycle, named the 250EV.

The first test runs

Today’s gone really well. we’ve got the best performance out of the bike so far, we’ve still got some technical issues with the power train but essentially the bike’s working really well all in all this is a fantastic start to this program

Robert White, Founder and CEO, White Motorcycle Concepts

Robert also rides the 250EV Concept motorcycle himself, and reported that all in all the bike is “confidence inspiring” at higher speeds, and he came out with a very positive experience from the ride.

With the extreme aerodynamic properties, and the unique usage of power distribution between the wheels, the bike apparently stood up to the test of control and handling, even reaching over 170 mph with less then 50% power as mentioned.

We’ve probably done 12 passes now I would say, at high speed so for us to be north of 150 160 miles an hour at this point is it’s pretty good yeah so we’re quite happy, lots more development to do lots more speed to come

Robert White, Founder and CEO, White Motorcycle Concepts

Robert continues to explain, how riding the concept bike for the first time carries some concerns, and that he was pleased with the result for the test runs. The stability of the bike and handling was good, the speed and power were only a partial sample, since power usage was limited.

Other than handling, Robert clearly explains their current goals are all about the speed, even after having these successful first tests, they want to max their power outputs with a lot more juice, and just make it go faster.

…It’s a great starting point to pass off the bike and the aerodynamic concept but as soon as we max this out we want to move on to the mega power unit and a lot more power I don’t, honestly, I don’t have a massive amount of emotion about it, to be honest – I just want it to go faster.

Robert White, Founder and CEO, White Motorcycle Concepts

The team will continue to optimize and proceed with their scheduled testing ahead of the first attempt. The team’s test program for the WMC250EV is scheduled to run throughout this year, making incremental improvements, and working toward a run for the world record in 2022.

Source: WMC YT

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