White Motorcycle Concepts Are Coming for the Land-Speed Record with their WMC250EV Project.

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With a target of 254mph and a radical low drag design, White Motorcycle Concepts will aim to break existing electric land speed records

The team at White Motorcycle Concepts will aim to break the existing electric land speed records in the UK and Bolivia during 2021 and 2022. While the current record is held by the Voxan Wattman Motorcycle, and rider Max Biaggi, and stands at 228.05 MPH, the company also aims to find ways to transfer the innovations found on the WMC250EV project to be adopted by the wider mass-market for electric motorcycles.

The WMC250EV was named in respect to the target speed of 250 mph. The company will first make their attempt at 200mph and a British record later this year. Then taking on the ultimate target of the breaking the 250 mph marker in an attempt run scheduled for Bolivia in 2022.

White Motorcycle Concepts is a fairly new company, based in UK, with 22 years experience in high level motorsport. Founded by Robert White, the company aims to be a brand new organization dedicated to improving the efficiency of motorcycles. They received early recognition by The Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC) and quickly established partnerships for innovative design, drive technology, battery power, and component manufacturing.

“We are now the holders and developers of an incredible powerful technology, we have managed to reduce the aerodynamic drag in a radical form of a motorcycle by 70%. So most aerodynamic innovations are incremental and we’ve created a step change, a market disruptor, which means that although in in this application it’s a radical execution of the technology it can be reduced to fit into everyday motorcycles to still give a dramatic reduction in drag and therefore co2 for the everyday rider”

Robert White, Founder.
White Motorcycle Concepts,
electric sportbike, electric motorcycle,

Some of the keys to their innovation on the project WMC250EV, comes from partnering with many UK based organizations, technology companies and providers, with a grand list including ACE TECHNOLOGY, TOTALSIM, JOHN KEOGH DESIGNS, RML GROUP and BECK GREENER. With the support of Advanced Propulsion Centre UK (APC), Niche Vehicle Network (NVN), INNOVATE UK and more.

Take a look at this radical design for low drag co-efficient, and is currently patent pending. This newly thought of design places the rider under the windscreen and right on top of an air duct, a hole that runs down the middle of the bike, and across to its rear – named V-duct technology. When the team put this design to the test in MIRA’s wind tunnel, it came up with a reduced wind resistance of 70% less then most aerodynamic production bikes.

“…I have the support and encouragement from the motorsport community that I’ve worked within for 25 years in this country. We have a huge advantage that we have the best motorsport engineering companies in the world, we’re proud to be working with those British engineering companies to produce a motorcycle that we’re confident will go to delivery in 2022 and take a world land speed record this bike has got the potential to be the fastest electric motorcycle in the world…”

Robert White, Founder.

Beyond the unique aerodynamic design for the WMC250EV, this motorcycle is using an all wheel drive, with four electric motors powering the rear wheel and front hub with 2 motors, total of 2 motors on each wheel. This comes to a total of 134 HP and 100kW, and a first electric 2-wheel drive used on a sport motorcycle, at least for all we know.

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