ENERGICA MOTORCYCLES Present the EMCE, Their New And Improved Electric Motor

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Energica presents A new electric motor. The name of the new EMCE motor is the acronym of Energica Mavel Co-Engineering

The name for the brand new Energica motor, EMCE, is the acronym of Energica and Mavel – representing the Co-Engineering between the companies. Energica motorcycles continue to commit to innovation, and collaborate with various companies across the Italian ‘Motor Valley’. born as a direct expression of the mentality of the Modenese motorcycle manufacturer, which every year focuses on technological innovation and the improvement of already high technological performance.

Inside the EMCE motor, we find all the passion of the Motor Valley and the renowned skills behind the words “Made in Italy”.

Mavel is a research, development and production company specializing in the electronics and automation sector. The company is based in Point-Saint-Martin, in the Valle D’Aosta, operating from a former hydro-electric power plant. Mavel has collaborations with some of the main international OEMs operating in the automotive sector, but with Energica makes its debut in the two-wheeled sector.

The new Powertrain will be used exclusively on the entire Energica range of electric motorcycles. The companies came together to bring actual improvements through innovation, and came up with several key factors to improve the motor performance, power output and safety.

Key improvements:

  • Innovative rotor and stator geometries, which allows a uniformed torque delivery.
  • Innovative and patented cooling of the rotor. Creating an internal flow of air that laps the magnets and cools them for better performance at high RPM.
  • Adaptive control algorithms for better inverter and system co-efficiency.
  • Patented sensory system, capable, among other things, of collecting and storing the operating data of the motor to predict the onset of any mechanical failure.

Innovative technologies like sensory systems are great for motor monitoring and health – which increases safety. But looking at the rest of the list – and we have performance enhancements that go all the way from rotor-stators geometries, better cooling (particularly at higher power output) and more consistent power.

“Innovation is the main strength of our technical department which, together with Mavel, has found the perfect collaboration to push the limits of current technology, further improving an already high-performing product.” 

Giampiero Testoni, CTO of Energica Motor Company S.p.A. 

“The introduction on the market of the new EMCE engine was scheduled for release in 2022, but following the difficulties of our supply chain – due to the global pandemic situation – we decided to anticipate this timing and instead, in just 6 months we have developed this co-engineering with Mavel, into our current model year production.”
“Progress is what drives us to look beyond, all for the benefit of our end customers. We are proud to place a major new technological advance in the Electric Valley that, day after day, we are building with so much commitment and passion.”

Giampiero Testoni, CTO of Energica Motor Company S.p.A. 

The technological collaboration that characterized the co-engineering between Energica Motor Company S.p.A. and Mavel is directed to the search for solutions that optimize the efficiency of the system. Among the main advantages that contribute to improving the performance of the motor and inverter we find:

Energica claims the weight to power ratio make the engine unique for its density and allows them the optimization of production processes. The increase comes both in peak power of 126kW at 8500 rpm and with a weight reduction of 10kg for the entire bike, which will increase the range by 5% to 10%. That’s 169HP peak, and sustained 147HP (110kW).

Thanks to the new EMCE motor, peak power increases to 126 kW at 8,500 rpm and with a liquid-cooling method that guarantees greater performance, Energica motorcycles will now be lighter by 10 kg, with a relative increase in range of 5-10% according to riding style.

The new liquid cooling allows for better thermal conditioning for both motor and inverter, which translates into greater torque and power density, better performance and greater acceleration. When the company took the motor and motorcycles to the test, they also noted a difference and improvement in handling, when riding Energica motorcycles with an EMCE engine.

Energica YT

The transition from oil cooling to liquid cooling, presented in the EMCE motor, show the continued technological achievements Energica aims to reach, year after year, in order to contribute to the successes of company.

“We constantly receive messages of appreciation from our customers and this is why we continue to advance and develop in order to maintain our edge over all others. And it’s our determination to keep this edge into the future.” 

Livia Cevolini, CEO of Energia Motor Company S.p.A. 

Energica Motor Company also had the goal of creating a local eco-system surrounding the Italian Motor Valley, and the localization process implemented by the company now bring the recent innovation with the EMCE project. The Modena-based company aims to base a “Made in Italy” engineering create a positive effect on a supply chain situation.
With local production in Italy, Energica is able to shorten the timeline for motors and avoid future delays in supply chain, showing their ability to respond quickly and proactively to difficulties from external factors, as this past year and a half proven to be for many companies.

The EMCE engine will first be available in Europe and the USA, while the APAC market will have to wait until autumn.

Source: Energica, Mavel

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