CAKE and FIM announce joint venture

CAKE and FIM announce joint venture

CAKE and FIM Announce Joint Venture, Utilizing The Ösa to emission free transportation in future and upcoming FIM races

CAKE and FIM announce joint venture. The Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM) open their annual Sustainability Week with the announcement of selecting CAKE’s utility bikes, Ösa, to facilitate and reduce emissions for future and upcoming races.

FIM, the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme, that has been operating since 1904 when it was first established in Paris. Currently based in Mies (Switzerland), the FIM is an International organization acting in all matters connected with motorcycling activities (sporting & non-sporting) and defending the rights and interests of motorcycle users and industry.

This announcement of a partnership between CAKE and The Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM), comes in at a critical time when the FIM organization, putting into action they sustainability strategy. A plan that will take on several aspects of sustainable energy and reduced carbon emissions.

The FIM’s sustainability strategy, based on 6 main pillars that conform to its Sustainability Strategy is the Climate Strategy working in several areas: CO2 calculators, sustainable transportation, carbon neutrality policy, and the introduction of a championships with electric vehicles – mainly in road racing, trial, and others under plans currently.

From its side, Cake’s sustainable approach is based on clean technology, circularity and product life cycle approach. CAKE offers great functional models and all electric bikes for practically any purpose. Both FIM and Cake also agree on 5 of the Global Goals: good health and wellbeing, equality, Clean Energy, Responsible Consumption, and Climate Action.

“One of the priority areas of the FIM Sustainability Strategy is the Climate Strategy. Our objectives in this area are aligned with the Global Objectives and atthis time, in which the world is oriented towards the same objective, it is extremely important to incorporate energy alternatives in the different areas of the organization.

We are aware of the climate emergency and, we are building and raising awareness about a neutral future. This alliance with Cake will be an amazing tool that will facilitate the transport of our team in the field in the different events with a minimum impact and we hope it will be a showcase that shows some of the solutions in alternative transport. Piece of Cake!”

Kattia Juarez FIM Sustainability Commission Director

The first step of the partnership is to include the CAKE Ösa utility bikes as their main transportation in the paddock area. Paddock bikes have always played an important role when it comes to covering big distances at the races and being able to move around the track in a respectful way is another step in the right direction.

“Being chosen by FIM is an honor, with the primary ambition is to bring purpose in what we create. Hard work and tons of logistics is the recipe for successful races and events. The Ösa utility bikes will be the best friend and perfect work tool for the FIM staff and the different needs to prepare and pull off a great event. The collaboration sets the framework and a needed first step towards zero-emission racing.”

Stefan Ytterborn, CEO & Founder of CAKE
CAKE and FIM announce joint venture

“On behalf of the FIM, I thank CAKE for this partnership. It is a real pride to be linked to such an innovative and visionary company. The design of the Ösa utility bikes reflects sustainable technology and the FIM vision to look with great interest at new forms of mobility. The two vehicles allocated to the FIM will be fully equipped, one to transport equipment, and another with the capacity for passengers, both are customized in the colors of the FIM!”

Fabio Muner, FIM Marketing & Communication Director

Source: CAKE, FIM

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