The Arc Vector is back on track, This time with Ex-MotoGP rider James Ellison

The Arc Vector comes back on the race track for a final tune and settings, with Ex-MotoGP rider James Ellison

The Arc Vector is one of the leading electric motorcycles when it comes to technology and innovation. We have had the pleasure to have an in-depth interview with Mark Truman, CEO and founder of Arc Vehicle, where we really dug into the incredible aspects of technology on this motorcycle.

Since then, Arc, not content with developing a technological masterpiece, wanted the Vector to also hold its own out on the road. The team at Arc Vehicle brought the Vector back to the race track, and this time around with the professional, ex-MotoGP rider, James Ellison.

“It is incredibly important that the Vector handles impeccably. We developed the Vector’s unique front suspension and steering configuration to surpass the agility and dynamics of off-the-shelf front forks. To ensure we get every last drop of performance out of the system we have enlisted the help of Ex-MotoGP rider James Ellison.”

Founder and CEO Mark Truman

James has been working with the team to finesse the final spring and damper settings on the Vector’s ground-breaking suspension system and the Arc Vector certainly impressed.

“The way the machine carves up corners is incredible. Vector is definitely big on grin factor, it’s just so different to anything you will ride. I’ve been really surprised by the agility, the bike changes direction like a much smaller bike due to the steep steering angle it can run. This means the bike can be flicked from side to side with little effort.”

James Ellison, former MotoGP rider

Arc’s performance-driven suspension and steering system utilizes a carbon front swing arm and hub centered steering. This allows for a bike that feels similar to front forks, but benefits from the improved characteristics of hub centered steering like increased stiffness and the ability to run steeper steering angles, the Vector runs a 20-degree rake angle.

James has been test riding the Vector for 2 full days along with Mark Truman, in order to hone in on the final settings as the Vector now goes into production. Arc team were joined track-side by a special team from Ohlins to assist and enable a full range of road and race options could be tested.

“Riding the Vector alongside James has been fantastic, his perception and feeling for the slightest change to the settings are second to none and his experience goes without saying,”

“James has worked with us to define the production settings that will go to customers in 10 weeks”.

Founder and CEO Mark Truman
Arc Vector track

Arc Vector – Technical Specification:

An incredibly simple and elegant design, a new age representation for a Café-Racer breaking the standards of what has been done so far. Running on a 95kW motor, producing 148Nm of torque that pushes a top speed of 150 mph (240 km/h), the Vector will still run a range of 271 miles (436 km) on a battery pack of 16.8kWh.

The “human machine interface” concept that Arc puts an emphasis on, brings the riding experience at the heart of the Arc Vector’s technology. The Arc Jacket uses a haptic sound system, that sends vibrations to the rider alerting and signaling with an increasing intensity as the level of danger (say, too much G force on a turn) increases. Similarly, existing systems like ABS are used for their data, to determine hard breaking, riders position and more.

If you want to check out the in-depth details of the Arc technology, innovation and gear, be sure to check out our interview with Mark.

Source: Arc Vehicle

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