Cake at CES 2022: US introduction of CAKE :work series of last-mile delivery electric motorbikes

CAKE :work series

CAKE Announces US introduction of CAKE :work series of last-mile delivery electric motorbikes

CAKE is showcasing its CAKE :work series of professional motorbikes for the first time in the USA. The company announced the introduction of the CAKE :work series to the US market, that will take place at the CES 2022 show, taking place now in Las Vegas.

In addition, Cake announced several updates specifically for fleet management and monitoring systems, that utilize the connectivity capabilities of the bikes. While riders will benefit from expanded functionality of the Ridecake connectivity app, professional fleet managers will now have the ability to monitor and manage their vehicles via fleet management systems.

“The CAKE :work series offers the immediate potential of moving last-mile deliveries and mobile workforces away from traditional solutions for urban transportation, clearly exceeding the efficiency of both cars and bicycles, making this initiative our single most important contribution to date in speeding up the process towards a zero-emission society”,

“Above our efforts in delivering a bike that offers a clean and swift ride, our connectivity solutions add an extra layer of efficiency through riding data, measurability, control and unique settings – to both private riders commuting or racing, and fleet owners maximizing the output of their vehicles”.

Stefan Ytterborn, founder and CEO of Cake.

  Riders can now take advantage of new connectivity features with Cake bikes of all ages and models with the CAKE Connect module, which is currently available for all current Cake bikes and a majority of upcoming models.

Features include: customized ride modes, real-time riding information and history, and anti-theft security. Cake bikes will leave the factory equipped with the CAKE Connect module, enabling the direct interaction over cloud or bluetooth connection, allowing users to explore the full potential of the bike.

 With CAKE Connect, the rider can customize drivetrain characteristics by adjusting torque, top speed, and regenerative braking. Owners can customize their bikes so that they fit the performance needs and riding styles perfectly, whether it’s commuting to work, hauling gear, or exploring the backcountry.

You can save rides so that you can review useful and interesting data about your riding, such as route, distance, speed, and power. When the heads-up display feature is activated, the phone can be used as the bike’s interface, displaying information about riding and performance in real time.  

Anti-theft features will notify owners if the bike is being moved or stolen and a GPS tracking system allows users to see the real-time location of their bike on the CAKE Connect app, regardless of where the user and the bike are in the world.

Professional fleet management building on cloud and API connectivity Following Cake’s recent launch of the :work series, bikes designed for professional use, increased capabilities and features for connectivity will benefit both professional users and fleet owners, and ensure efficient implementation of Cake vehicles in existing professional fleets.

With CAKE’s fleet management system, fleet owners will get real-time data on the state of their vehicle fleet, including live location of their fleet vehicles, mileage, range and battery status for all bikes, as well as access to diagnostic data. The system will also allow for firmware updates Over the air, access to anti-theft functionality, and setting custom ride modes.

CAKE will even allow fleet owners with existing management systems to leverage their APIs and access all data in their own environment, allowing for smooth integration of Cake bikes into existing fleets and management systems.

The CAKE Connect connectivity module is pre-installed on all Ösa and Kalk bikes manufactured as of August 2021, and will also be standard equipment on all models of the Makka bikes from spring 2022. The cellular connectivity is included and free of charge 2 years from delivery date. All initial CAKE Connect features are available through the Ridecake mobile app, providing connectivity features and adding an extra layer of functionality to the CAKE bike.

Source: CAKE PR

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