Volcon Begins Shipping First Customer Products to Latin America

Volcon Shipping Latin America

Volcon Latin America First Customer Ship: The Guatemala and Paraguay Shipments are now in motion as Volcon’s Consumer Test-Ride Event in Mexico Concludes.

Volcon Inc. (NASDAQ: VLCN), the all-electric, off-road powersports manufacturer, announced the initiation of the first shipping deliveries to Latin America. This milestone of international expansion, through customer shipments to Guatemala and Paraguay, marks an important accomplishment towards the next step for Texas-based Volcon.

We originally covered the Grunt and Runt electric off road bikes, just a year ago, as the company first announced the upcoming release. Soon after, Volcon already took to production and started delivering their first North America products just 4 months back. This massive growth came as they ramped up their investment by going public in NYSE.

The company didn’t stop at that, and continued to scale up with their interested distributers and dealers in Latin America. In early 2021, Volcon started getting interest from distributors and dealers in Latin America for the brand’s off-road motorcycle, the Grunt, along with the Runt and Stag 4-wheeler off road vehicle. Distribution agreements were subsequently signed with Guatemala, Paraguay, Belize, Panama, Mexico and Costa Rica.

Volcon Shipping Latin America

Shipments of the first Grunts have begun to Guatemala and Paraguay, with further planned shipments to Belize, Panama, Mexico and Costa Rica soon to follow. Volcon continues to receive interest from other distributors and dealers in other Latin America countries and are evaluating these opportunities to further expand the brand throughout Latin America.

“Since the beginning we’ve said that Volcon off-road products are a great fit for the terrain and recreational needs of Central and South America,”

“The Grunt is perfect for eco-friendly riding on a ranch, in the woods, or for resort-ready fun. So it’s with great pride that we make these first customer shipments to Latin America, as they are a proof point that we’re moving into the next phase of our international expansion plans.”

Jordan Davis, Chief Executive Officer of Volcon.

Latin America is an important market for Volcon, and the interest from consumers in the region was reflected in a recent event held in Mexico City, in which approximately 100 guests attended a family-friendly demo ride gathering. Attendees were able to experience the easy-to-ride capabilities and near-silent electric motor of the Volcon Grunt in a welcoming atmosphere. The event showcased the accessibility of the Grunt – a motorcycle with no clutch or gears that anyone with bicycle experience can easily ride – as well as the power of electric propulsion and the forward-thinking sustainable design that Volcon has created.

As Volcon further expands into new product categories in 2022, including the introduction of 4-wheeled EV models, other potential demonstration events will continue throughout Latin America.

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