Volcon Texas Unveils The US-Made Grunt Electric Motorcycle – And It Will Run Underwater

Volcon Grunt
Volcon Grunt – Image by Volcon

Volcon Grunt is an American all electric motorcycle, with great specs and attractive price. And yes, it is waterproof.

Volcon Texas is a startup that takes e-mobility to the offroads, with All terrain 4 wheel vehicles, and the first unveiled Grunt electric motorcycle. This fat tire offroad bike carries a powerful motor, great range of 100 miles, and is claimed to go 0-60 in only 6 seconds. We’ll go into those in a second, but honestly, this superpower given to it, being a waterproof motorcycle is cool on its own.

Volcon Grunt will have 50hp, and it will go a top speed of 60mph (97kmh) with only 6 seconds. The Grunt pushes 102Nm of torque, so it packs a good punch for an offroad, and that suits the fat tire. Top that with a claimed range of 100 miles, and although Volcon doesn’t state the speed this range was tested in, I would expect it not to be highway speed or higher in the range at all. Regardless of whatever speed the range was tested in, the charging time is only 2 hours on a standard socket, and you can swap batteries too. That makes it a very attractive and cool ride.

The price tag for this offroad motorcycle will be a meer $5,995. The pre-sael order is open on Volcon’s website, and the first 50 were already grabbed – as shows “sold out in 24hrs” on the first deposit in the website.

Since Volcon uses waterproof powertrains on all their vehicles, the Grunt doesn’t care if you take it into a deep stream and give it a… swim?!, in Volcon’s words:

Like all Volcon vehicles, the Grunt’s all-electric powertrain is IP67 rated and fully waterproof. Don’t worry about pressure washing or stalling out crossing deep rivers or streams. The Grunt can actually be ridden underwater.


Volcon Grunt
Volcon Grunt – Image by Volcon

The Grunt looks great for an offroad fun motorcycle, and Volcon aims to this niche with great precision. The Volcon Grunt does not appear to have the specs for it to be street legal, at this point.

We will keep you posted on more details about the Volcon Grunt, as we get more info on delivery dates, final specification and more.

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