Urbet Nura – Speedy Looks For A Light Class Motorcycle With Style

Urbet Nura – Image by Urbet

Urbet Nura is a speedbike design, the sportiest electric motorcycle by Urbet so far.

Urbet Nura is a classic look of a speedbike, street motorcycle. It does have the ability to get you to roughly 87mph (140kmh), impressive for a hub motor with 8kW power. Yet the range, is where Urbet got me interested, since the Nura will be capable of 75 miles and up to 118 miles (120km- 190km).

Urbet Spain only distributes in ES and FR at this stage, but nonetheless, this model came in as a very interesting one. The Urbet Nura is priced in at only €7,024 or about $8,305. That’s quite affordable, and makes it a great competitor to bikes of its class. Being that it’s in the light L3e class with other Urbet motorcycles, it’s a very cool speed bike design that makes it really stand out from the pack.

The Urbet Nura packs 72 100Ah battery, which is 7.2kWh battery. The curb weight stands in at 330 lbs (150kg). It runs on 110/70 – 17; 150/70 – 17 tires and has gas hydraulic suspension front and rear.

Urbet has equipped the Nura motorcycle with all the treats possible. Including an ABS system, double hydraulic disc brake, reverse gear and aluminum swing-arm that all make great detailed additions to the Urbet Nura model. And since this is considered a scooter level (125cc) it is available to drive with a car license or 125cc license.

Via: Urbet

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