Cake presents Cake Worlds – A global One Design electric motorcycle racing series.

Cake Worlds Racing Series

64 Total Rider Slots Available! ‘Cake Worlds’ racing series launches.

CAKE announces the birth of a new, global, electric motorcycle racing series – The CAKE Worlds One Design Race. The series will begin and finish in the US, and riders interested in competing are still able to enroll here. A total of 64 slots are available.

After the company’s success with their 2021’s CAKE Kalk One Design Race, CAKE now plans to launch the Worlds Race 2022 in a celebration of electric 2-wheeled racing. The new Cake Racing series aims to crown 2 world champions, men and women in a unisex race format, and Fox Racing will take the official apparel partnership of CAKE Worlds racing series.

Consisting of four events, the premiere event is the CAKE Worlds Del Mar presented by West Coast EV, that will take place at the Del Mar Fairgrounds, north of San Diego, CA, during April 30th to May 1st.

Followed by the event, CAKE plans for an additional 2 races, without having the finalized schedule, but planning for a round in Val Thorens, France preliminarily set for July 16th-July 17th, and another round in Gotland, Sweden preliminarily set for August 19th-20th.

The race will then come back to the US, for a final round on September 2nd at Fox Raceway, Pala, California.

“CAKE One Design Worlds is an initiative to promote inclusive, silent and clean racing in the aftermath of racing tracks shutting down in the past 15 years, due to disturbance and pollution.
Thanks to light, torquey and snappy bikes, the format is available, exciting and compact for riders as well as for audience and media”

Stefan Ytterborn, founder and CEO of CAKE.
Cake Worlds Racing Series

The CAKE Worlds race is a One Design race where all riders will compete using identical equipment – Kalk OR Race. With two main competitions at each event, professional riders from various 2-wheeled disciplines will compete against each other, in a 4X format, on an invitational basis.

In addition to that, Cake will open the competition to all riders, regardless of their background or two-wheeled pedigree, allowing anyone to sign up and enroll for a chance to prove their worth in the CAKE Worlds Open Championship.

Ultimately the winners will have a chance to represent their country in the CAKE Worlds Finals, to take place later this year at the Fox Raceway in Pala, California. This kind of open competition riding is an industry-first, and in-line with Cake’s motto of making electric racing available to everyone.

First stop – Del Mar, CA.
The first CAKE Worlds race of 2022 will take place in Del Mar, California. Check out the pro’s competing in the North American Invitational Championship or apply for a chance to race for glory in the North American Open Championship.

The winner of each category will automatically win a fully sponsored entry in the CAKE Worlds Finals in Pala, California, and get to ride home on a brand new CAKE Makka Flex bike – the latest moped addition to the Cake line up of 2-wheeled urban movers. Spectators entrance will be free of charge.

A total of 64 slots are available. Riders who are interested in competing in the CAKE North American Open Race are urged to enroll here.

The CAKE Worlds Race 2022 Schedule

April 30th-May 1st – Del Mar (CA), USA.
July 16th-July 17th “preliminary” – Val Thorens, France
August 19th-20th “preliminary” – Gotland, Sweden
September 2nd – Fox Raceway, Pala (CA), USA.

Source: Cake

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