CAKEMA 2021 – Unveiling the Kalk-INK and Kalk-OR Race Series

CAKE is presenting 2 Race models for the Kalk-INK and Kalk OR, in their virtual edition of the EICMA motor show, CAKEMA.

CEO and founder, Stefan Ytterborn starts the show season for Cake motorcycles, with the Eicma Milano cancelled they release their CAKEMA. And then hopefully continue further on to CES Las Vegas and Outdoor Retailer in January. Cake has now revealed 2 new models, the Race Kalk INK and Kalk OR. Both models carry the same specifications, with customized and detailed parts, including rims and tires, fenders and fork guards. CAKE will now present a more robust line of motorcycles coming into delivery that is due to start March 2021.

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CAKE Kalk-OR Race – Image by CAKE

The idea was always to establish a format around racing, so we have and we’re still developing tracks and enduro formats at our test ground on Gotland rings on the island of Gotland, and also our partner and good friend Olivier Le Quellec just hosted the first urban race in saint trope. It was totally amazing how an MX race was going on in the middle of town at the same time as people were walking around, drinking their coffee and socializing. So hopefully this can contribute to re ramping racing, due to the limited need for space, the fact that it doesn’t pollute or it’s nearly silent.

Clara, Europe brand manager, Cake

Cake Kalk-INK and the Kalk-OR carry the same 11kW motor, and both have amazing torque, pushing 252Nm on wheel. That pushes a top speed of 56mph (90+ kmh), not that you want to be pushing around dirt curves at that speed. The battery of these two excellent models is 2.6kWh pack, giving a trail or enduro ride time of up to 3 hours. Öhlins upside-down air forks on the front, Öhlins TTX22 shock with CAKE internals and spring at the rear, and many more details on these great offroad racing versions.

So what is different really? The main differences are a new high front fender, separate fork guards, a Cake specific MX rims and hubs (custom designed aluminum motorcycle rims), and more extreme tires. Cake Kalk-OR Race is just a bit more detailed and has lighter rear suspension with rear linkages, while the Kalk-INK Race has a little heavier suspension, and comes in black color while the OR Race is all white. But not a great big difference between these two really strong and meticulously crafted bikes.

CAKE Kalk-OR Race – Image by CAKE

Check out the full Video by CAKE

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