Ducati MotoE First Video Out! The Ducati V21L Electric Takes On The Course.

The Ducati V21L developed for MotoE racing premiers its first video, taking on the track for a display of performance.

Ducati V21L, developed for MotoE racing, hits the race track. Ducati was initially announced as the MotoE sole supplier, 6 months ago, back when the Italian manufacturer had no prototype electric debut (yet) and was announced to take on the racing series from 2023 to 2026, taking the place of Energica.

It didn’t take long for Ducati to unveil the V21L prototype, on the Misano Circuit where it made its debut, and where Dorna Sports first announced the agreement in October. Although this model will only be available for MotoE racing and it remains unclear when a street model will reach markets.

Ducati’s goal is to create an electric motorcycle that gives the high-performance that riders expect with all the characteristics of the Ducati lightness, containing weight and keeping consistent power delivery, through the development of a cooling system created for this purpose.

The development path of the Ducati MotoE project is proceeding at a rapid pace with continuous progress shown during the tests which in this first phase are taking place at the main Italian circuits. Former world championship rider Alex De Angelis, riding the bike in the first dynamic video, makes his return to the Ducati family with the role of test rider for the “V21L” prototype

Ducati YT channel

Ducati has set their target on creating and developing a Ducati electric for road use with a sporty and light characteristics of all Ducati bikes, as they progress their technology on the MotoE racing track. A similar progress to that of Energica, that benefited from a sped-up R&D process thanks to their past role as the MotoE ride of choice.

Now, with Ducati taking Energica’s role, they will benefit a similar ramp-up to their research and development as they bring a production line model to markets. It may take time until we actually see Ducati’s on the streets, but until that comes, we will definitely track as MotoE will start it’s next season.

Source: Ducati

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