Cleveland CycleWerks Falcon 01 and Falcon BLK

The US made Falcon 01 and Falcon BLK by Cleveland Cyclewerks – simplicity and power. Cleveland CycleWerks (CCW) lately revealed their new additions to the CCW family, and all electric…

Arc Vector – High Performance New Age Café Racer.

The 2020 Arc Vector is a high-performance electric motorcycle, designed as a “neo-café racer", and it features innovative chassis technology that brings a real integrated design with its batteries and motor.

Johammer J1 – Electric With Style Like No Other

The Johammer J1, is an electric motorcycle out of the Austrian electric mobility company, and it's is like nothing else we have seen. It Takes traditional motorcycle design to an extreme.

Energica Motors – Ego Electric Sportbike

Energica EGO looks very closely tied with traditional sport bikes, while the engineering and care for details definitely stands out. Energica motors in Italy is leading the way with being…

CAKE Kalk OR – Electric Motorcycle Review

This great piece of engineering, comes right out of Stockholm Sweden. CAKE motorcycles - The company has a central-EU office, as well as US offices - which is a great move for spreading their awesome product with high reach and scale.

Sur-Ron LB-X series Electric trail motorcyle

Electric motorcycles from Sur-Ron in the UK captured our eye from the get go. They stand out for designing an electric motorcycle that really looks right for it's purpose, being a trail bike.

Zero SR/F Electric Motorcycle Review

From year to year, Zero motorcycles keeps pushing the limits of engineering and putting out more competitive product, The Zero SR/F is exactly that competition. It pushes the boundaries of electric motorcycles, and allows ranges that do not fall short of gas bikes.

Harley-Davidson LiveWire – Technical Overview

Harley-Davidson has always been known for its high quality bikes and outstanding performance. It has over the years made a reputation for itself as a household brand, it is one of the dream motorcycles shared by many riders.

The Electric Motorcycle community mission

In our coming news stories and articles, we will address upcoming and existing electric motorcycles brands and models, giving you as much information as possible on the latest thing happening…

Newron Motors EV-1 – Electric Motorcycle Review

An electric motorcycle that captures you with design. A power cruiser like no other.