NIU’s RQi – GT Electric Motorcycle coming late 2021

NIU unveiled their RQi GT Electric Motorcycle model this CES, Jan 2020, and it looks great.

Zero DSR – Real Dual Sport Machine. Electric Motorcycle review

Zero motorcycles' DSR is an example for a strong bike with a lot to offer. Our review and coverage on all model outputs, including Black Forest edition.

Zero SR/S -2020 Electric Motorcycle Review.

Zero motorcycles SR/S - Sport bike with an attitude, and a looks to match.

Lightning LS-218 – Full Specification And Review

Lighting LS-218 is one of the fastest, strongest bikes. With attention to details that puts this speed bike as a top contender.

Lito Sora 2020 – Generation 2 Is Priced To The High-End Consumer. Is It Worth It?

ÆM - All Electric Motorcycle - The generation 2 Lita Sora superbike has a price tag that does not fit the average joe. What does it give back in return if you have the cash?

The CAKE Kalk& Street Legal- Electric Motorcycle Review

Ride in style on a great piece of engineering. The CAKE Kalk& pushes the edges of excitement in riding.

2 Electron Emula McFly Technology – Review

The Emula by 2 Electron took to track this July , and promises a different sensation feeling that all other electric motorcycles.

Brutus Electric Motorcycles – Brutus Café

Brutus Café is where state of the art technology meets nostalgia and retro. There is much to say about Brutus motorcycles, a US made brand of Bell Custom Cycles. Their…

Energica Eva Ribelle – Streetfighter

The naked styled streetfighter has a beautiful looking frame to cover it's powerful battery pack and engine, and suspension systems front and back add character and style to its design.

Verge TS – The Hubless Wheel Bike – Available For Pre-Order

Verge TS is most unique for the hubless wheel design, but it has every bit of functionality you need. When first looking at the verge TS, you immedietly get thrown…