Newron Motors EV-1 – Electric Motorcycle Review

An electric motorcycle that captures you with design. A power cruiser like no other.

Newron EV-1
image by Newron Motors

Just one look at this electric motorcycle, and I was sold on it. Available now for pre-order from the French Newron motors. This electric motorcycle captures you with it’s design, which we very well may say on the road soon. 

The Newron EV-1 electric motorcycle is designed in wood over the chassis, giving it a one of a kind look that we have yet to see on other electric motorcycles. 

And yes, this Newron Motors’ unbelievable EV-1 Electric Motorcycle Is Open for Pre-Order.

Now, we will start off with the important part about this electric motorcycle beast – it is still in production, and expected to be finished in 2021. It’s price tag is another point to consider. The Newron EV-1’s price tag is just over $65,000, with a refundable deposit of $2,000.

Newron EV-1

Newron EV-1 electric motorcycle, image by Newron Motors

As the statement shows on Newron motors website: “We have created the first electric power cruiser.” With its low seat height, comfortable riding position and high-end suspensions, you will travel with comfort and style. “Its driver’s assistance will make you enjoy the trip. The exoskeleton chassis is linking the front-end to the rear-end through a structural battery.” And from the looks of it, this statement is accurate to the last bit of it. The striking appearance of this motorcycle, combined with the comfy looking seat position, makes this bad-ass cruiser a dream for motorcycle riders.

It gives a torque of 240Nm, from a 75 kW PMAC motor, allowing the bike to go from zero to 100 kph (62 mph) in under just three seconds, making it at the highest standard for current electric motorcycle competitors. It’s weight comes in at 485lb (220kg) and its top speed (which is electronically limited) reaches just under 137 mph (220 kph).

Newron EV-1
Newron EV-1 chassis, image by Newron Motors

The Newron EV-1 battery pack is a big design feature, beautifully integrated with the chassis and exterior wood design. It has a city range of up to 300 km (186 miles), and a highway one of around 220 km (136 miles). A full charge overnight just requires a regular 3 kWh onboard charger, and takes about five hours. Despite that, with a fast charging plug from a DC charge station, it can reach 80% charge in just 40 minutes.

According to the only specs provided on the battery (350 V) we crunched some numbers combining the charge time with 3/7 kW chargers, and came to around 13kWh of a battery pack.

Some of the added features of this electric motorcycle include GPS navigation, WiFi connectivity, and Bluetooth. Newron Motors has plans to add an App that allows riders to view and share their journey details.

Newron EV-1 App, image by Newron Motors

Via: NewronMotors

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