DAB Motors France Reveal The CONCEPT-E Electric Scrambler.


The French boutique manufacturer, DAB Motors, unveils the CONCEPT-E electric scrambler.

DAB motors announce their first electric scrambler, CONCEPT-E. The French, Bayonne based company, is a boutique motorcycle maker that customizes for each client with a unique style. The company now unveils their light electric scrambler.

DAB motors was founded in 2017, by Simon Dabadie – Founder and CEO. He gathered around him a group of craftsmen to manufacture a scrambler with unique style, and create a fully customized build process for each client. The first production model from DAB, was the LM-S, a light-weight, high-end 500cc ICE motorcycle. On this build process “platform” of the LM-S, the company established their CONCEPT-E first revealed in a teaser two month ago

The CONCEPT-E embodies the product vision of emerging motorcycle manufacturer DAB Motors. This style driven approach of electric motorcycle aims to define the future of a long journey of combustion engines. We explore and design a holistic solution for the boldest urban riders.


The CONCEPT-E is created with great care for details and design, the rear swingarm smartly hides away cables from showing in a clean look, the front LED light with urban minimalistic design, the sides also carry smaller led stripes, and the tail light is another great looking piece. The lines and sharp edges, combined with a thin tail – gives the CONCEPT-E a speedy looks, and great style.

CONCEPT-E ‘s design is based on two key dynamics: the horizontal line bringing simplicity, and the oblique line, which perpetuates DAB Motors’s iconic “flying back” form, giving an impression of speed and lightness at the rear of the motorcycle.

The DAB CONCEPT-E runs on a 10kW motor, mid mounted with a belt final drive by Gates belts. The lightweight motorcycle is a 125cc class category and runs on a 4.7kWh battery pack. The final drive belt sprocket takes a good size of the wheel, increasing torque and HP, and we can expect to be around 12-14HP.

Unfortunately, not many details were fully provided, like weight, dimensions, range and more. But that also has to do with the custom build process of DAB motors. What we could easily spot in the unveiling are Beringer Aerotec brakes, Takasago Excel Rims, Ohlin/ Kayaba suspension and a handmade saddle upholstered with configurable fabric.

Designed as an object, not just a traditional motorcycle.

Designers and engineers studied the assembly of the materials for the swingarm and dashboard, to elegantly integrate the cables.

Equipped with a 10kW motor and 51.8V Li-ion battery, the CONCEPT-E is the legal equivalent to a 125cc; easily driven after a few hours of training. The beauty of the CONCEPT-E electric machine is its driving comfort and intuitive use, combined with its powerful instant torque which propels you through the streets, almost silently.

Another smaller but excellent company stepping into electric mobility, is always welcome news, from both large manufacturers and all the way down to boutique makers.

With builders like Droog motors that create street-fighter motorcycles, a custom built electric fighter based on a Zero motorcycle. Even the recent Zero FXE, which expends their line and aim to attract more entry level rides to start with electric mobility.

Source: DAB Motors

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