French DAB Motors Offers A Teaser From Their Coming Electric Scrambler

French boutique maker DAB Motors teases with an electric scrambler looking to be based on their LM-S bike.

The French, Bayonne based, motorcycle maker DAB motors, that successfully created an ICE lightweight scrambler with a unique style, exposé the first impression teaser image and short videos of an electric scrambler.

DAB motors was founded in 2017, after a year of going out of his small garage and into manufacturing, Simon Dabadie – Founder and CEO of DAB – rounded a talented group of craftsmen to create a scrambler with unique style, and a fully customized build process for each client. The LM-S is the first production model from DAB, a light-weight, high-end 500cc ICE motorcycle. Will the electric DAB share similar frames? It does appear so.

What can we expect from this DAB Electric?

The new model will likely be a scrambler urban bike. The only major detail we got from the teaser is the great looking, minimalistic front led light, a very clean and interesting look. The one thing that will clearly show for the final result, is the style and customized build process that the company has. This will enable riders to get a fully customized motorcycles, to suit the style and design they desire, as well as the parts on the bike from top to bottom. DAB customized brakes, suspensions, and much more.

Since Each LM-S is hand-built per owner and with specific requirements given by the client for each bike, the result is a unique design, from material use to color scheme. A similar build process will likely be the same for an electric bike by DAB, but whether the company can provide for varied motor powers to suit different license class, and it is definitely interesting to see what battery this will house.

For part selection, DAB uses great parts for its LM-S model line, allowing clients to choose from Ohlin/ Kayaba suspension systems, Brembo brakes, custom wheels and tires selections, and a handmade saddle upholstered with configurable fabric.

“I consider myself as an entrepreneur and I’m fascinated by mobility, design and technology.”

“My engineer mind wants to provide innovative solutions to riders. My entrepreneur mind always wants to experiment and that’s what Dab Motors is about: it’s a motorcycle laboratory, looking for the perfect recipe to move in style.”

Simon Dabadie – Founder and CEO of DAB , from interview on

We are seeing more and more announcement of going into electric mobility, from both large manufacturers and all the way down to boutique makers, with builders like Droog motors that create street-fighter motorcycles, and custom built an electric fighter based off of a Zero motorcycle.

Whether this will mark a real commitment to electric, or just a blowing trend for DAB motors, remains to be seen. In the 2 wheel space, the most powerful driving force that pushes for electric are actually the riders. If fans and riders will show enthusiasm in buying the model, with greater buying pressure than the LM-S ICE model, it will clearly signal the future for the company, and a great move into electric mobility as the space becomes more and more filled with quality manufacturers.

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