The Droog E-Fighter, Built To Order, Stripped Down Fighter Based On The Zero DS 2020

Droog E-Fighter 
Electric Motorcycle
Droog E-Fighter – Image by Droog

Droog E-Fighter is based on the Zero DS, but stripped down and customized to a completely different look.

Droog made this Zero DS look like a mad-max motorcycle. From the all terrain tires, redesigned led lights at the front, gas tank resembling a steel cage, and all the way back to the seat and tail lights – this motorcycle just doesn’t look like it’s a Zero DS, and that’s one of the great things about Droog and their customization. The one main giveaway to me was the rear fork, that has a distinct Zero look.

Droog are a Washington state based company, that specializes in customization and unique designs. They basically take some of the motorcycles you would love to ride, and take them three steps further to the extreme. Whether it’s mechanical improvements and tweaks, enhanced performance, and of course the overhaul of design.

On this E-fighter by Droog, they have tricked out the suspensions, a fact that contributes to appearance, but also performance. Droog completely changed the front and back lights, putting two stripes of a LED ‘hidden’ light placed behind a metal plate up front. The Back light also was narrowed down and placed in stripes beautifully on the back of the seat. The seat, combined with the LCD display right on top of the ‘gas tank’ configuration, is a much more slim and agile looking design than the original Zero DS. Lastly the Tires and rims are a touch of art, with all closed rims and the all terrain tires that look mean and ready to take on the road.

Given the power on the DS, running a motor of 34KW and producing 46hp, that’s real power, that pushes the original DS to a speed of 98mph (158kmh) with it’s 106Nm torque. That’s great power, and interesting to see if the E-Fighter will have different range, as the Zero DS has 82 mile (131km).


The price tag for this Droog E-Fighter is a starting price of $40,000 which surely is not cheap. But on the other hand, you will get a unique piece as always with Droog, and no different with the E-Fighter. You can have it fully customized to your desires and cravings. So if you do have wishes of a strong beastly motorcycle, with custom design of a street fighter right out of the movies, you have the option right here.

Via: Droog

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