Ola Electric S-Series Offers 3 Variants, 10 Color Schemes and over 100K Pre-orders So Far.

With sweeping success to their pre-orders, Ola Electric are expected to rollout the S-Series electric scooter. Technical specs overview.

Ola Electric, the India based start-up, opened pre-orders for the S-Series earlier this month and already hit the 100K reservation marker. As the company established one of the largest manufacturing facilities, they proceed to the release of their S-Series electric scooter, offered in 10 color schemes, and 3 variants for the model.

The Ola Series-S electric scooter is an urban commuter, offering three variants of scooters in the series. These 3 models include variants with a 2kW, 4kW and 7kW. The scooters model names, respectively, are the Ola S, S1 and Ola S1 Pro.

With a reservation price of only Rs 499 (less then $10) and a grand total of 1 Lakh (around $1350 USD) making it a very attractively priced model.

The manufacturing will all be done in India, as the company already built a facility spreading across 500 acers, with 10 production lines and a claimed capacity of manufacturing 10 million units per year. That puts Ola’s factory at the forefront of two wheel manufacturing capacity.

The range for the S-Series is claims to reach up to 240km at a speed of only 20 Km/h. Since that really doesn’t reflect real riding, the practical riding scenarios claim the S-Series electric scooters could go as far as 120-150km depending on speed and road conditions.

The battery pack on the S-series is expected to carry about 1.1kWh, and charge up in 2.5 hours for a full charge starting at 0%, at a normal charging station. At the Ola hyper charging station, the charge will take only 18 minutes from 0-50%. On a standard home socket, the charge will go up to as much as 6 hours for a full charge.

When talking about the design of the Ola scooter, there are many points that reflect a very traditional scooter, with more rounded edges rather than the sharp lines we’re currently seeing from most of manufacturers. The S-Series has a single sided swingarm on both rear and front wheels, which gives it a unique and stylish look.

Ola electric scooters also provide the comfort of a dual helmet space, and still leaves some room for additional storage. The design took great care for comfort and ease of ride, with good leg room and a spacious under-the-seat trunk.

We’re putting all our energies behind moving the world towards a sustainable future. It’s why we’re building the world’s largest two wheeler charging network.

Ola Electric plans ahead for a green future in India, and to service the amount of units they plan to produce, the company has set out to create a nation wide charging station network, that will offer their Hypercharging solutions across most of the regions and states in India, in over 400 cities and with over 100,000 charging stations.

Check out the full charging network locations and plan here.

Source: Ola Electric, Indian Times, Ride Apart

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