Davinci Dynamics Launch The DC100 and DC Classic High Performance Café Racer

The DC100 and DC Classic were announced today by Davinci Dynamics China, revealing a futuristic Café Racer.

Davinci Dynamics is a China based company, that has operated under-the-radar over 7 years before launching today the DC100 electric café racer. The company has been working together with the technology institute of Tsinghua University to develop the motorcycle from scratch.

The design of the DC100 comes with either a full fairing style, or a naked style named DC Classic. The bike runs on a huge hub motor, with the rear wheel suspended on a single sided swingarm. A fully enclosed bodywork done on a CNC custom composite shell body.

The DC100, A high powered performance electric bike will try to rival 1000cc class bikes, and to do that the DC100 has a peak power of 100kW and 137HP, pushing 850Nm of torque.

Among the technical details that were revealed were range, which is NEDC rated mileage at 250 mile (400 Km), top speed of 125mph (200km/h) and 0-60mph in under 4 seconds. The battery specs were not revealed, but charging time should take about 30 minutes, with 0-80% in about 15 minutes.

The part on the DC Classic is a minimalistic design of the DC100, removing all the fairings encasing the body and making it limited to only 50 units worldwide. The DC Classic also uses top notch parts all around, from Öhlins Dyneema front suspension with Carbon Fiber Sleeve, to custom Öhlins rear suspension and Brembo GP4 caliper front brake on forged aluminum wheels.

Davinci Tech, founded in 2013, is a technology company that “dares to imagine and is more capable of creating”.

In our recent coverage of the Davinci DC100 first teaser, and without too many details from the company, they presented the bike as a “wheeled robot”. Now with the launch, we get to find out more about the features equipped on this futuristic looking racer.

The DC100 is packed with sensors analyzing information such as ambient temperature, battery and motor temperature, body inclination, movement speed, front and rear wheel speed, ground resistance, and more. While driving, the DC100 combines the motorcycle information, environmental information and user instructions to control the power system to achieve ideal performance under various conditions.

Translated into features, the bike offers Driving Assist, uphill assist, reverse assist, downhill assist, emergency braking system, traction control and regenerative braking. Although some functions may not be available immediately when the bike is delivered, and may be gradually opened remotely in the future.

Davinci Dynamics – DC Classic

Driving Assist outputs a speed of 7 km/h when in D gear, to provide a smooth slower start, and better control from a starting position.

Uphill assist outputs a slow speed for uphill inclinations, with 7 km/h of speed when D gear is engaged, which is convenient for a smooth start and prevents maloperation.

Downhill assist measures the inclination and throttle state, to automatically control the speed when sliding downhill.

Combined braking for emergency situations, allows the driver to cut off the driving force and while the front wheel is physically braked, the motor switches to reverse the current and output breaking force instead. A feature activated by a simple “pinch” to the horn button.

Assisted reversing outputs high torque to the rear wheel, helping the driver to reverse without fear of obstacles.

The company really went out of its ways to bring as many features as possible to the electric Café Racer, including Battery management systems, FOTA (Firmware over-the-air) for easy and simple updates, and a connected app with navigation, and motorcycle battery state, tire pressure, trip details and more.

If that isn’t enough, the company already listed some of the future capabilities they may want to aim for like: Self-balancing, Auto follow, Remote control with mobile phone and Open programming platform.

Source: DavinciMotor

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