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Switch Motorcycles eSCRAMBLER 
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Switch Motorcycles eSCRAMBLER – Image by SwitchMotorcycles

Switch Motorcycles offer a powerful eSCRAMBLER with a look that remains loyal to its name.

The eSCRAMBLER by Switch motorcycle is a good looking piece of engineering. It offers range and power, carries the best of parts from suspensions, breaks through motor and all the way to lights. The eSCRAMBLER has a stylish design even though it has a minimalist approach to design, carrying its large battery in a cool style.

Switch motorcycles started in 2017, and has its operation split between three main hubs in Denmark, China, and New-Zealand, which is also the Switch factory facility. Their eSCRMABLER will offer a stack of top notch specifications, but the price was not revealed yet. It is scheduled to release only in 2022, so we will update by then on more details.

Switch Motorcycles eSCRAMBLER – Image by SwitchMotorcycles

The eSCRAMBLER will pack a motor with peak 50kW (continuous 15kW) which is right about 70hp, that’s quite strong for a bike weighing in at only 308 lbs (140kg). The eSCRAMBLER motor powers a belt drive, pushing 130Nm of torque. Again, that’s quite decent power right there, putting it in a competitive position in its bracket. Price remains to be seen, and that will give a better perspective on how competitive that really is.

Switch used the best of part across the bike, and packed it with a battery of 12kWh, with charging time for of roughly 5 hours, and a battery life that can last a range of 90+ miles (150km). The eSCRAMBLER also has aluminum rims as well as the swingarm, making it all that much lighter.

The battery has a distinct look on this eSCRAMBLER, and really fits in with great style, but they still kept a pseudo ‘gas tank’ that makes it look like the traditional scrambler you would expect. The Switch eSCRAMBLER will be fully packed with the best of parts like we said. Breaks by J.Juan, Bosch motor, Bosch ABS, which will all be fitted into a 6061 aluminum frame, top grade lightweight materials. All the latest USB, WiFi, keyless function, regenerative breaking and led lights have been meticulously selected for this great design.

Via: SwitchMotorcycles

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