Voltz Motors Brazil – EVS electric motorcycle with speed and range

Voltz motors EVS offer a beautiful city bike with great range power and speed.

The Brazil based Voltz motors now offer the EVS on pre-order with a minimal deposit and comfortable payment options. This is just a great looking motorcycle, that can pack a dual Samsung battery to provide extended range, and quite decent performance and speed. As a city commuting option, you can get excellent range, but also more power and speed if you prefer, at some cost of running less range of course.

The design of the EVS is quite clean and smooth with lines from front to back and the esthetic and single swingarm just makes it a very attractive bike to look at.

Voltz will equip this EVS model with a hub Bosch motor, 3kW nominal with 7kW peak power. That brings acceleration to 75mph (120km/h) and the bike will keep a decent range at these speeds as we’ll touch on right away. This bike is beautifully set on steel tubing frames, with full fairings, EBR forged aluminum front suspension and 350mm adjustable shocks on the rear.

The EVS will cost R$ 15,900 ($3100 US) for a single battery pack of 2.42 kWh or R$ 18,900 ($3690 US) for a dual pack of 4.84 kWh. The range these packs can support is 120 km @80km/h to just about 80 km @120km/h for faster rides. That’s the single battery. The dual battery will get up to 110 miles (180 km) @50 mph (80km/h) to 75 miles (120 km) @75 mph (120 km/h).

The Voltz EVS runs on 17″ 36 spoke steel rims 120 / 70-17 tubeless 140 / 70-17 tubeless. Brake system on the front is a hydraulic 220mm and rear 205mm. Standing curb weight of 286 lbs. (130 kg) and dimensions of 1900x780x1040mm with 1460mm wheelbase.

This model is an excellent option for city commuting, with a reasonable price compared to others in the bracket, although most competition would not be from Brazil locally, but a comparable model from different countries.

Source: Voltz Motors

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