Energica Announce New Import Agreement to Israel, With Lee-Gal Motorbikes Ltd.

Energica Ego RS

As Energica positions in the electric motorcycle space as a giant brand, it now expends its reach to the middle-east, with a Tel-Aviv, Israel import deal.

In the newly announced agreement by Energica with Lee-Gal Motorbikes, Israel, which imports and distributes Ducati, TM Racing, Öhlins and other premium brands. Energica signs this new commercial agreement with the Tel Aviv importer, that has more than 35 years of experience in the motorbike sector.

Lee-Gal is a multibrand distributor and worked also with government entities, particularly in the security field – the Israeli police, the IDF and Magen David Adom (the Israeli Red Cross organization).

Energica motors – 2020

Israel is not a big market share of global motorcycle sales, but it does provide a great modeling system for larger scales. This comes from the high rate of technology adoption in Israel, the demographic diversity and economic similarities to larger capitalist markets like the US. All of these make Israel a small scale model for possible success when scaling up and taking over larger scale countries. Since Energica already has U.S dealers, and announced plans to continue the expansion in U.S particularly, it appears the company also prepares to overtake more markets as the electric motorcycle trend picks up pace into 2021.

Total market share in Israel is roughly 18,000 new bikes sold in 2018, and about 17,500 in 2019 (not including vehicles such as Dealim brand for example). But Israel has not adapted infrastructure and urban mobility to better consider motorcycles, as you would see in other countries. In 2020, despite several lockdowns and seemingly high economic pressure, sales continued to look encouraging with registered over 14,200 bikes sold in the first three quarters. We hope to see continued increase in these numbers as Israel also continues to regulate towards less emission.

It remains unclear when first deliveries are expected, but this comes as much of a statement from Energica, that positions for a prosperous year in 2021, with rapid interest in electric vehicles, and 2-wheelers in particular.

“We believe in the best, which is why we make sure our brands are the best in the industry.”

“The electricity segment in Israel is still at an early stage but we believe that with our support we can achieve excellent results.”

Eli Barda, CEO Lee-Gal Motorbikes Ltd.

“The Middle Eastern market represents an important potential development for our company, in line with the brand’s growth strategy, Furthermore they have a strong commitment towards Evs: the Minister of Energy plans to set up 2,000 public charging stations by the end of 2021”.

Giacomo Leone, Energica Sales & Field Marketing Director.

This move in the middle-east could represent a stepping stone for Energica to further base its reach and increase their fan base worldwide.

Source: Energica Motors

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