Electric Motion Escape – Great Value For Money For A Professional Electric Dirtbike

Electric motion Escape 
Electric motorcycle

Electric Motion Escape, a professional trail bike, with a great price tag for clean offroad fun.

The french manufacturer Electric Motion, has been in the bike business since 2010. Specializing in electric trail motorcycles. These great specialized bikes are already distributed across Europe and UK, Canada, Australia and more. As with their Epure model, the company offers mild variation for the same Escape model, with changes to the front suspension triple clamps, new battery software, and additional Hydraulic controlled diaphragm clutch flywheel on the Escape R model, that is not equipped to the Escape Lite. The latest 2021 Escape models also use new controller providing better performance, even at low RPM.

The 2021 range marks a huge evolution in the couple motor / controller performance.

Better feeling, more inertia, EM was able to improve control and sensitivity at low RPM as well as gain power and explosiveness at mid and high RPM.

The sensations are increased and the power of your Escape “R” is limitless.

Electric Motion
electric motion Escape
electric motorcycle

Electric Motion Escape is powered by a 6kW nominal power motor. That peaks at 11kW of power, and brings this lightweight 165 lbs (75kg) bike to a top speed of 43.5mph (70kmh) with torque of 600Nm.

The recent updates to controller technology further increased their power and performance for the Epure and Escape models, both using the same Electric Motion motor.

The Escape comes packing a 2.62 kWh battery pack, up from 1.9kWh on previous model year. That is estimated to run for 2 hours to just under 5 hours of trail. Or a rough range of 61km or 38 miles.

Electric motion has some of the best detailed offroad electric bikes, and the Escape is an excellent competitor in the bracket, with a price of around $10,500 US, it comes in as a specialized bike with a great price tag. The design is straight forward for maximal performance, riding comfort and perfect balance.

This great looking trail motorcycle received updated colors and style for the 2021 model as well. The Electric Motion Escape can probably be found in your area, to find out whether any are offered next to you. Check it out here.

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