Ultraviolette Automotive India – The F77 Motorcycle Review

Ultraviolette F77
Ultraviolette F77 – Image by Ultraviolette

Bangaluru based start-up, Ultraviolette India has a great design on their F77, and nice specs for a city ride.

Right out of India Bengaluru, comes Ultraviolette Automotive that announced late last year (Nov 2019) the F77 model. It’s available for pre-order on their website, and offers a motorcycle that looks like city warrior and design the “typifies the aerospace industry” as states their unveil.

Ultraviolette was established in 2016, by Niraj Rajmohan and Narayan Subramaniam and the company is funded (@ about $5M USD) by the TVS Motor Company, which is publicly traded in NSE (India’s National Stock Exchange). Their vision is focusing on technology and bringing an infrastructure to push electric vehicles forward.

The F77 doesn’t over promise, its a machine with proven motor and battery technology fitted to it. The F77 uses a passively air-cooled interior permanent magnet AC motor, that can produce about 33.5hp @2250 rpm. The battery is a modular X3 battery pack, that has a max capacity of 4.2kWh. The company has patented a battery safety system, and claims to also have a proprietary heat dissipation technology. It’s clear from their unveiling presentation that they invest heavy on innovation and technology for problem solving, and their design speaks for itself.

Ultraviolette F77
Ultraviolette F77- Image by Ultraviolette

Ultraviolette reports that their F77 will have a range of 80 to 93 miles (130-150 km), and will have a great 0-60 kmh (0-37 mph) speed of 2.9 seconds. And yes, we do have the 0-100kmh (0-60mph) for you as well – that’s right at 7.03 seconds for the full 60mph. Add to that a top speed of 91mph or 147kmh, and you have a real city fighter specification.

The looks of the Ultraviolette F77 do have resemblance to aerospace vehicles, and the full fairing looks aerodynamically right. The seating position and overall design sticks to tradition in general guidelines only, while innovating on exterior looks wherever possible. From the headlight geometric lines, through the fairing that sit perfectly aligned, the front and back suspension design is more futuristic, and a traditional “gas tank” with an obvious electric charging port.

Check out the F77 Unveiling Here

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