Horwin CR6 – Electric New Age Interpretation Of The Cafe Racer

Horwin CR6
Horwin CR6 – Image by Horwin

Horwin CR6 is a light class (125cc) motorcycle with retro looks and a 5 speed gearbox.

HORWIN Europe presented their two CR6 models at EICMA 2019, and these fresh designs that bring a retro look resembling a Cafe racer of the 60s, really look good and have excellent specs for commuting. Horwin is an Austria based company that is mainly import oriented, but these two models were made for local European markets.

The two models are quite similar, but the CR6 Pro includes the 5 speed gearbox that should be that actual cafe racer feel. With their top speed of 92-105 kmh (57-65 mph), both the CR6 and the Pro versions have what it takes for city rides and commuting. They both have a chain drive, and the CR6 packs a 7.2kw (peak) motor, while the pro version’s motor peaks at 11kw. They are juiced by a 4kWh battery pack (Panasonic).

The CR6 goes from 0 to 60 kmh (37 mph) in just 6 seconds (or 5 seconds for the CR6 Pro). And while Horwin does not state a range for the bikes at highway speed, the CR6 is rated for 120km range at around 45 kmh (28 mph). While both bikes are well designed as cafe racers, the CR6 Pro comes with the 5 speed gearbox that should be the racer feel.

Horwin CR6 also features LED headlights, CBS hydraulic breaking system, and a great price tag. This CR6 goes for €5,890 and the CR6 Pro at €6,990, including a two years warranty.

Via: Horwin.eu, Electrek

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