Watch The World Record For 1.2 Megawatt 1/4 Mile Drag For Electric Motorcycle

Watch the Silver-Lightning motorcycle by True Cousins racing team – as it breaks the 6 second drag race record for electric motorcycles

Denmark’s racing team True Cousins brought their custom built, 1.2 megawatts motorcycle to the drag track, and Hans-Henrik Thomsen broke the world record with a staggering 6.87 second quarter-mile pass. The eight years standing record was previously 6.94.

As reported by Electrek, True Cousins began to beat electric motorcycle racing records some 12 years ago. The team’s first bike had only 12 kW and they have been working hard for years to enhance their machines and increase their performance. The team’s latest electric motorcycle is 100X more powerful, with the unbelievable 1,200 kW (1.2 Megawatts).

The 1/4-mile electric motorcycle record of 6.94 seconds was set in 2012 by Larry McBride. They had nine attempts only to try and make a new world record, and after 6 tries, they still looked as though they were leggin behind. Their top run was 7.15 seconds. That’s so fast, you can’t imagine but still wasn’t enough for True Cousins for making the world record, which they had their eyes on for years now.

Their seventh run was the game changer, record setter, that made it for them. Lucky number seven? They came in at 6.87 seconds and made the name for themselves and the world record title. The top speed was recorded at 307 km/h (191 mph). Another very impressive figure they made on this run, is their 0-62-mph-time of less than a second. The bike ran 60 ft. in just 1.09 seconds.

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Via: FALFAQ, electrek

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