Ebroh Bravo GLE – Electric Motorcycle Review

Ebroh Brave GLE 
Electric motorcycle
Ebroh Bravo GLE –Image by Ebroh

Ebroh Spain offers the Bravo GLE – an affordable, naked, city commuter.

Ebroh Spain now offers the Bravo GLE starting at 4,490€ (about $5300), for quite a nice mid-power motorcycle. Everything from range, speed, motor power and the motorcycle’s overall look are just right for the city commuting machine.

Ebroh Spain has so far offered mostly electric scooters, with a vintage look and all electric powered. With their Bravo GLE, the vintage look is gone, and they set out for a city motorcycle, naked standard look. The Bravo GLE is an affordable motorcycle, with quite good specs for it’s bracket.

The motor mounted on the Bravo GLE is a 5000W brushless, with rated peak power of 8.4kW. A battery pack of 5.2kWh – 75Ah 72V pack – giving the Bravo a top speed of 56mph (90kmh). With 5 hours charging time on this motorcycle battery, and a range of about 62 miles (100km), the Bravo offers what you need for taking on city streets.

“We present the Ebroh Bravo GLE. A Sport Naked concept with the geometries and dimensions of an average motorcycle displacement. With benefits, behavior and autonomy necessary for day to day. No noise, no harmful gases but with a dynamic behavior and authentic sensations of a sports car.”

Via: Ebroh

The Bravo GLE is also equipped as expected for a city rider. From storage options, drive and sport mode, reverse gear, and an LCD display. It has a good offering compared to price, and available in green, blue, black and red. There’s also the Bravo GLE Blue Two – Limited Edition, which is similar in specs, but comes with different fairings and a more sporty looks.

Ebroh Bravo GLE
Ebroh Bravo GLE Blue Two – Limited Edition –Image by Ebroh

Via: Ebroh

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