BlackTea’s Bonefire Motorcycle line up Expends with 2 new models

Bonefire new models

The Bonefire, turned from moped to motorcycle, expends with 2 new models and 60mph top speed.

BlackTeam motorbikes expend the Bonefire scrambler line up, with 2 new models, E and X that will join the Bonefire S. Originally starting as a moped class motorbike, the scrambler styled motorcycle will now get up to a max speed of 60mph for the X model, and 50mph on the E model.

BlackTea motorbikes are an upcoming German upcoming company, already hitting a successful crowdfunding campaign, with over 600,000€. The company used the funds to ramp up production and receive product certification in North America & Europe. Their production is set up in Munich and the company now offers a more robust line up.

With the new models Bonefire X and E, this scrambler bike will pack an 8kW and 5kW motor respectively, and unlike other heavy hub motors, Bonfire X uses a 30% lighter hub motor and aluminum rims for better handling and traction control even at higher speeds. The motor torque packs a punch with a max torque of 195 Nm.

It will carry a 3.6kWh battery (102V, 35Ah). The battery is fully removable & only weights 11.5 kg and you can charge from 0-80% in about 3 hours. The Bonefire X is fully equipped, with 18 inch wheels and optional (either) Heidenau K60 Dual Sport Tires for off-road usage, (or) Heidenau K36 for street usage.

Starting at €3,990 for the Bonefire S moped, and only €4,390 or €5,690 for the E and X models respectively, putting this scrambler motorcycle at a reasonably affordable price for it’s bracket. The license required for the Bonfire X is an L3-A1 vehicle license only.

These bikes are also light weight, at a curb weight of just 110 kilograms, or 242 pounds, making it agile and easy to handle. The distinct simplicity and traditional style makes it a cool looking scrambler, and it comes with two stylish seat and (faux) tank color selections.

Check out BlackTea motobike’s website.

Source: BlackTea

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