Tork Kratos Electric Motorcycle Debut – Full Specs Review

Tork Kartos

After years of work, Tork Motors presents the Kratos electric motorcycle.

Tork Motors finally uncovered the Kratos electric motorcycle, a machine they have been working on for over 6 years now. Despite the many years of delay, the company believes they can compete in the growing space of electric 2-wheelers, particularly as India’s legislation supports further supports it.

Tork Motors initially presented the idea and concept of their electric motorcycle in 2016, and seemed to have gone off the public eye for all this time, only to come back with an affordable naked machine for the local India market.

Right off the bat, the first feature that caught us by Tork Motors, was the axial-flux motor. This will have positive impact on the range and power consumption as well as performance, as axial-flux motors are currently the best weight to power ratio available (that we know of…).

The motor is rated to peak power of 7.5-9kW, and the company claims it carries the bike to an IDC range (Indian Driving Cycle – Ideal conditions) of 180 km. Even though that’s probably going to reduce to about 120 km in mixed riding conditions.

The company claims that the bike can go from zero to 25 mph in 4 seconds and reach a top speed of 60 miles per hour. Both the Kratos and Kratos R are capable of going 75 miles on a single charge. Both bikes will have front and rear wheels equipped with disc brakes, hydraulic, and with CBS systems.

The Kratos R will come with an upgraded powertrain, a motor that produces 12 horsepower and 38Nm of peak torque. With 4kWh Li-ion 21700 cell is used in the battery pack. This improved model of the Kratos can go from zero to 25 mph in 3.5 seconds and reach a top speed of 65mph.

The preorders are open, and with a deposit of Rs. 999 you can secure your pre order on Tork Motor’s website.

The affordability is of course a main factor to be a practical competitor, and with a price tag that adds up to about $1,500, it’s undoubtedly affordable. The performance model Kratos R, costing the equivalent of  $1,650 USD still remains a good value for the additional performance.

The bike will also have Regen-breaking, reverse, three riding modes, storage compartment for at the front, OTA updates, full connectivity and even an anti-theft system as default.

Source: Tork Motors, Ride Apart

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