Stark Future Sold 1,000 Varg electric MX in 24 Hours

Stark Future Varg

In a single day, Stark Future grossed $8 million by selling 1000 Varg electric MX bikes

Just a month after unveiling their Varg electric MX, Stark Future makes an incredible milestone on the first 24 hours of sales, with more than 1,000 units were sold. The Varg already raked in over $8 million gross for Stark future on the very first day.

With first deliveries only estimated to start in March 2023, buyers will have to wait a bit to get on their bike, but there is much to anticipate from the on-paper specs of the Varg.

The Varg electric dirt bike is a high powered contender to any 450cc. Stark used highest-grade material and components, a powertrain with up to 80HP and took in mind every gram of weight when selecting chassis materials like aero craft grade aluminum, magnesium, and carbon fiber .

The Stark VARG is a combination of high power and easy handling, riding range claimed at 6 hours max, and full customization of the power output with more than 100 configurations. This allows the bike to output power similar to a 125cc two-stroke, 250, 350, 450 and up to 500cc (two-stroke) while keeping the MX riding sensations intact.

The bike carries a 9kg motor, encased in a cooling system together with a small, light inverter the company designed for the task. The power to weight ratio outputs over 938Nm of torque. But with the fully adjustable power, you actually get a multi factional model, that goes from light 125cc to a powerful 500cc with the push of a button.

The bike was already put to the test by decorated MX pros,  Seb TortelliJosh Hill and Mat Rebeaud, all praised the bike for great handling and performance.

The Varg comes with a 6kWh battery pack, which according to Stark should come equal to a full tank of gas on a 450cc motorcycle. The pack tucked in a magnesium case, IP69K waterproof, with a patent pending pressure relief system. The front and rear suspensions are fully customizable to the riders weight and height, with advanced suspension solutions from specialists KAYABA.

The Varg is a premium bike with careful attention and purpose built, a real dirt bike beast. With six patent pending technologies, the company plans to build more models that will surpass traditional technology and further the move to electric mobility.

Check out the Varg backflipped by Red Bull FMX rider Mat Rebeaud:

The bike has a full price of $12900 for the 80HP model, or $11900 for a 60HP model. Reservations start at $100 deposit.

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