LAND Starts Shipping The District Electric Motorcycle to Customers

LAND Moto Started shipping the District Electric, the powerful and slick street bike, launched ahead of schedule thanks to local manufacturing support.

It has already been over 6 months since we covered the specification updates on the LAND District. LAND Moto, the creators of the District electric motorcycle, have met their goals of reaching production and starting their deliveries of the first District motorcycles over the last month.

The District is a U.S made, light electric motorcycle that bring top quality. The team at LAND has put tremendous efforts in localizing their supply chain and reducing dependency on manufacturers out of the US, helping boost their progress towards delivering the District Motorcycle to the first satisfied customers.

We covered this awesome electric motorcycle company in the past, LAND was created by Scott Colosimo and his co-founding team at LAND. The Cleveland, Ohio based company (formerly Cleveland Cyclewerks) is fully focused on a sustainable products, and we had the privilege of chatting with Scott to find out more about the company’s goals.

Putting their aim on a quality product that can last many years without the dependency on current battery technology, the company has local manufacturing and supply chain to support their unit capacity needs.

LAND’s focus is both on Light Electric Vehicles and Distributed Energy. The concept of utilizing the battery pack’s energy, to power the majority of your devices. The first light vehicle, the District, is U.S made, with various power motor outputs and great attention to details.

The District will be running on 21700 batteries in its battery pack, rather than the 18650, which gives it a total pack of 1.8kWh for the CORE (single) pack, which comes in a single or dual pack. But in addition to that, LAND also pulled off the CORE+ single pack that gets all the way up to 5kWh.

The motor of the District comes in 3 power output variations – from moped levels of 750w/1.5kW (electronically governed), to a fully powered motorcycle with 13kW, limited to 17.5HP, and pushing 370Nm of torque at the wheel. That’s an equivalent to a 250cc ICE motorcycle, and in fact, exceeding its rated power.

The District is expected to reach a top speed of 85mph (137km/h) and has a claimed range of (a very decent) 100-160 miles (160-256 Km). This is boasted by the increase in battery cells, and really gives a great range for this bike.

The moped class District is made for a novice ride of 20 mph (32km/h), and carries an expected range of 50 to 80 miles (128Km), that’s with a smaller battery pack of 1.8kWh.

With two consumer focuses, one on performance and the other on fitting the Bike and Battery to consumers every-day life, LAND will offer a performance street electric motorcycle as well as utilize the energy in their battery pack, and make use of the mobile power-pack that rides with them.

The District comes with top quality parts, from a CNC bent and cut 1020 DOM tube chassis, to aluminum battery structure, motor, and many other components. Adding to the bike’s light-weight, these aluminum parts gives the District a standing curb weight of just 150 lbs. to 175 lbs. (68Kg -79 Kg) for the Moped and motorcycle models respectively, with the difference being the size of the battery.

Land District, LAND electric motorcycle

The District bike uses Fox air shock on the rear, which might be the first for a production road vehicle. The front suspension forks are inverted with cartridge internals. Magura brakes front and rear, single piston with 220 mm rotor, and Michelin Pilot Street types for both wheels.

So by now, the one thing we didn’t mention is the District’s PRICE. This motorcycle will set you back $15,000 USD for the full motorcycle model, and priced at $8,000 USD for the moped class (before tax credits). This puts it on the upper range of the price bracket, but in the same way it comes with the upper range of quality, high quality machined parts, and the great attention to details, making it an awesome bike.

Source: LAND

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