The LAND District Gets a Power Boost Ahead of First Deliveries

Expected to start delivering by end of the year, the LAND District gets a little power boost to its battery pack.

LAND, creators of the District electric motorcycle, aim to start production and deliveries by the end of the year. In recent videos by the company, we noticed the slight change in battery that give the District a power boost to it’s pack. The District is a U.S made, light electric motorcycle that has a reasonable price and top quality.

We previously covered this awesome electric motorcycle, created by Scott Colosimo and the co-founding team at LAND. The Cleveland, Ohio based company focused on sustainable products, and we got to chat with Scott and learn more about the company’s goals. Putting their aim on a quality product that can last many years without the dependency on current battery technology.

LAND’s focus is both on Light Electric Vehicles and Distributed Energy. The concept of utilizing the battery pack’s energy, to power the majority of your devices. The first light vehicle, the District, is U.S made, with various power motor outputs and great attention to details.

The folks at LAND saw two consumer focuses, one on performance and the other on fitting the Bike and Battery to consumers every-day life. The bike is meant to go fast and be a great ride, but also allow the riders to utilize the energy in their battery pack, and have mobile power that rides with them.

The District will be carrying 21700 batteries in its pack, rather than the 18650, which brings the battery pack to 1.8kWh for the CORE (single) pack, which can power the bike in a single or dual pack. But in addition to that, LAND will also pulled off the CORE+ single pack at 5kWh.

The motor will come in 3 power outputs from moped levels of 750w/1.5kW (goverened) to a fully powered motorcycle with 13kW, limited at 17.5HP, and pushing 39Nm (29ft-lb) of torque at the shaft. The District will push a top speed of 85mph (137km/h) and carry a very decent range of 100-160 miles (160-256 Km).

The moped class District is made for a slower ride of 20 mph (32km/h), and a range of 50 to 80 miles (128Km), with a battery pack of 1.8kWh.

Every part on the bike is a quality part, from CNC bent and cut 1020 DOM tube chassis to aluminum battery structure, motor, and many other components. All of these aluminum parts makes the District lighter, standing at a curb weight of 150 lbs. to 175 lbs. (68Kg -79 Kg) for the Moped and motorcycle respectively, and the main difference comes from the battery pack size.

The District bike is using a Fox air shock for the rear, which might be the first for a production road going vehicle. The front suspension forks are inverted with cartridge internals. Magura brakes front and rear, single piston with 220 mm rotor, and Michelin Pilot Street types for both wheels.

So by now, you must be wondering what price tag this bike will carry, and this may surprise you. The District motorcycle variant will only cost $15,000 USD, and the moped class is priced only $8,000 USD. With so many top notch parts, high quality machined parts, and the great attention to details, that’s a great value bike.

The bikes are open for pre-order at, with a selection of dual or single pack battery, street or scrambler tires and wheel covers or rims.

The company is also looking to close their first round of funding in order to scale up to production line capacity, which will increase their capacity from hundreds to thousands of units yearly. Their cooperation with US manufacturers decrease their dependency on foreign supply chains, and provides more stability for their scale up process.

We will definitely keep you posted as production and deliveries begin, so keep an eye out. Meanwhile, check out the latest video of the District:

Source: LAND

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