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Brutus Café is where state of the art technology meets nostalgia and retro.

There is much to say about Brutus motorcycles, a US made brand of Bell Custom Cycles. Their motorcycles range from sport bikes, cruisers, naked, and of course the Brutus Café which we’ll cover here. Each one of their designs has it’s own unique feel and look, and being all US made they are high quality durable beasts.

Brutus Café – Image by Brutus

The Brutus Café is an amazing looking motorcycle, with features that make it look down right evil, in the best of ways. The Brutus Café has a great posture to it, with beautiful low hanging handle bars, a rounded ‘gas tank’ like cover, and frames that are visible all the way through.

All we could find as official manufacturer data on the Brutus Café, were the motor type (AC35), the battery pack of 10kWh, and it’s curb weight standing at 480 lb (218kg). After crunching those with wheels, torque and bike surface for resistance – we were finally ready to put some (a ton) of numbers, into many various calculations, here’s is our realistic estimate as to what type of power and range that gets you.

The Brutus Café will produce roughly 130 hp, pushing 230Nm of torque, and will have a speed topping at about 100 mph (160kmh), which means it will go all the way from 0-60 in right around 4.7 seconds.

The suspension systems will give it a smooth ride, no doubt. The Brutus Café has a front forks of 50mm inverted 3-Way 14 point adjustable, and rear suspension is a link type 3-Way 22 point adjustable rear shock. It has a front single 6 piston caliper and rear dual piston single caliper, and full HID and LED lights.

You can get your own Brutus Café model by reaching out to Brutus motors on their site, and we’re confident that additional models will continue to come out by Brutus, as they surely master the art of design and can provide a unique pieces with great engineering.

Brutus Café – Image by Brutus

Via: Brutus Motorcycles

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